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Security Officer

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6'5" (1.96 m)

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Weyland-Yutani Corporation
USCSS Covenant crew



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Uli Latukefu


Private Cole was part of Sergeant Lopé's security team aboard the colonization spacecraft USCSS Covenant. He was serving on the ship during its disastrous voyage to Origae-6, during which it suffered several catastrophes that resulted in the loss of most of the ship's crew and its hijacking by David.

Cole was part of the expedition team that set down on the Planet 4. He was killed by the Xenomorph born from Chris Oram.


When two Neomorphs attacked the team, Cole, Rosie and Ankor helped fight the first Neomorph, though they only angered it and, though Ankor was killed, Cole managed to avoid a similar fate. After the first Neomorph was killed, a synthetic named David showed up and fired a flare gun into the air, scaring the second one off. David then ordered the team to follow him to his safe haven. With no way to contact the Covenant and a storm preventing the Covenant from getting to them anyway, they had no choice but to follow him.

After arriving at David's temple, Cole helped re-establish communications with the Covenant. After requesting extraction, they were told they had to wait until morning to be rescued due to the storm.

Later that night, Rosie went missing. The team's captain Chris Oram elected to find her, only to never return. Cole and Lopé went looking for the two, and eventually Cole found Rosie's mutilated corpse along with a dead Neomorph which had been killed by Oram. Searching further through the temple, Cole found Oram, who was dead with his chest horrifically ripped open by a Chestburster.

As he looked around, he was ambushed by a Facehugger, which latched itself on to his gun. Cole threw it off and tried to shoot it, though it dodged his gunfire and instead ran toward Lopé. As the two tried to locate it, it attacked Lopé and latched on to his face. As Lopé struggled to pull the Facehugger off, Cole ran over to him and using his knife he cut it off and threw it aside, saving Lopé - though the resultant acid spray still burnt Lopé's left cheek and left him screaming in agony.

As Cole tried to bandage Lopé's wound, the Xenomorph born from Oram appeared from an overhead shaft. Shocked, Lopé immediately got up and ran off as it immediately dropped down and landed on Cole, pinning him down and swiftly killing him with a headbite before tearing his corpse apart.


Cole was a loyal soldier and served with honor. When Oram and Rosie went missing, he elected to search for them with Lopé. However, his loyalty ultimately lead to his death; when Lopé was attacked by a Facehugger, Cole immediately ran to his aid and cut the Facehugger off. While Cole was patching up Lopé's wounds, Lopé noticed something Cole didn't - a Xenomorph was lurking in the shaft above him. Seeing this, Lopé immediately ran for it, while Cole was too late to notice the Xenomorph and became its first victim.


Cole was armed with a Thales F90 rifle outfitted with an attachable weapons light underneath the barrel. During the ambush in the wheat field, Cole fired the rifle at one of the Neomorphs in an attempt to kill it. Later on, while searching for Oram in David's laboratory, he was attacked by a Facehugger, which latched itself on to his rifle. Cole managed to throw it off and shot at it, however it dodged his gunfire and instead attacked Lopé. Cole rushed to Lopé's aid and set the gun aside before cutting off the Facehugger and saving Lopé's life. Seconds later, a Xenomorph appeared from a shaft above them. As Cole had set his rifle aside, he had no time to reach it and possibly save his own life.



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