The Jungle Hunter with his Classic mask.

The Classic Mask,[1] was a Yautja Bio-Mask used primarily by Jungle Hunter Clan members such as the Jungle Hunter, who used it during his Hunt in Val Verde in 1987.


The Classic Mask was gray in color and featured three red Plasmacaster targeting lasers located on the right side of the mask just above the right eye. Unlike some other Bio-Mask designs, the Classic mask featured two separate holes for the wearer to see through which flashed yellow when cloaked.[2]


  • The Classic Mask was the first Bio-Mask ever seen.
  • The Bio-Masks used by Scar and Dark were inspired by the Classic mask.
  • Big Red's Bio-Mask was the same as the Jungle Hunter's only red in color with some black details and two yellow spheres on the top of the mask.
  • The modified Bio-Mask used by Noland in Predators is very similar to the Classic mask. Given that all known members of the Jungle Hunter Clan use very similar Bio-Masks, Noland's Bio-Mask could have been from a member of the Jungle Hunter Clan which Noland presumably killed.
  • Given the name (Classic Mask), the mask seen in AVP: Evolution could have been inspired by the Crucified Predator's (also known as the Classic Predator) instead of the Jungler Hunter's Bio-Mask. However, the Crucified Predator's mask in Predators was damaged revealing his left eye whereas the one seen in the game is undamaged more similar to the the Jungle Hunter's (although the Jungle Hunter's mask seen in Predator was damaged, it was not to the extent of the Crucified Predator's).
  • Scout from the Los Angeles hunting party can be seen wearing the Classic Mask.




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