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The Super Predators Clan.

A clan is communal group of Yautja who work together on a Hunt and is the primary structure through which the Predators' hunting society is organized.


Predator clans are usually lead by Elders. While sometimes clans have been said to be lead by female Predators, as well. Other Clans have had rumors of possible royalty in the Clan.

Documented Predator clans have been known to operate differently at times. As for some clan rules, sometimes, one Predator is left on a planet to hunt either to become a Blooded Warrior or to bring back trophies. Other times, a group of three Young Bloods are left to participate in initiation Hunts and come back as Blooded Warriors, if they survive.

Sometimes two clans can break out in a war, as seen in Predators when the Jungle Hunter Clan was having, what Noland described as a blood feud with the Super Predator Clan.

Known ClansEdit

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