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"The Ciejek clan were carrion eaters, feeding off the diseased, overpopulated carcass that remained of mother Earth"
P:FaB, page 8
Ciejek Clan
Territory: Felicity
Ethnicity/Composition: Human
Notable members: Andar Ciejek
Derek Ciejek
Gregor Ciejek
Karl Ciejek

The Ciejek Clan featured in Predator: Flesh and Blood.


After leaving earth behind, this family of Humans hops from planet to planet, plundering it's resources and leaving a path of destruction in its wake. However, things begin to fall apart as internal disputes mount. Corruption begins to grow and spread, on the son of the Patriarch flees the scene, but returns when his father is dead for the reading of the will. The family turns against each other, scrabbling for the largest piece of the power pie, but one side enlists the help of the vicious Hish Clan to give themselves an edge.

They underestimate, however, just how monstrous and ruthless these creatures are.

Family MembersEdit

  • Karl Ciejek - The family patriarch, who's death sparks interfamilial strife.
  • Derek Ciejek - Grandson of Karl and cousin of Andar, who wants Derek out of the picture.
  • Andar Ciejek - Grandson of Karl, Human Protagonist of Flesh and Blood. He is the partner of Katarina.
  • Gregor Ciejek - The son of Karl and father of Andar.

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