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Classification Xenomorph
Appearances Alien vs. Predator (arcade game)

The Chrysalis is a very large Xenomorph around the same size as a Praetorian with a greyish-green exoskeleton and a hard, tan carapace on its head, back and forearms. The Chrysalis sometimes moves/attacks by rolling itself on the ground in a ball before proceeding along the ground. It gets its name from the Chrysalis that it is seen gestating in when it first appears. The Chrysalis's head actually extend a short distance from underneath the carapace over its head when delivering a headbite, in addition to the extension of the inner jaw. More Chrysalis are also seen defending the Queen during the final battle; these have a reddish or blue coloring. They appear to shoot cylinders of acid out of its mouth and turning red when severely injured in Konami but they are not seen doing this in Aliens vs predator arcade.

A variation of the Chrysalis appear in the second level of the Konami "Aliens" arcade game. It is a red/brown color with black carapace. It seems shorter than the AVP arcade but just as deadly. Also, aliens in Konami appear to eccationally be gestating within a sort of chrysalis.

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