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Chris Warner is the creator of the Aliens vs. Predator concept who now serves as main editor on all Aliens, Predator and AVP comics at Dark Horse Comics.

A long-standing comics artist, creator and editor, Warner has worked on numerous Aliens, Predator and Aliens vs. Predator comics in various capacities over the course of his career.

Warner originally worked as the pencil artist on Dark Horse's first Predator comics series in 1989 and then as co-penciller on the first Aliens vs. Predator series in 1990 and its follow-up, Aliens versus Predator: War. He then continued to work as an artist while working his way up to an editor for the lines, as well.

Apart from his editing duties, which include recruiting talent to work on new series, Warner still contributes occasional cover and interior art for comics.

In one capacity or other, Warner has been involved with 32 comics releases for the three lines, including the 10 omnibus editions which reprinted almost every comic for each line from 2007-2008.

In the making of featurette that accompanies the Alien vs. Predator film DVD, Dark Horse Comics founder and publisher Mike Richardson mentions that Warner was the first to come up with the Aliens vs. Predator idea during a story meeting as a sort of "Frankenstein meets the Wolfman" style concept. It has also been mentioned elsewhere.


Warner has worked on the following A/P/AVP comics series, one-shots, short stories and reprint editions:


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Note: Warner also served as reprint editor of the essentially almost the entire line of A/P/AVP comics for Dark Horse's recent series of Omnibus Editions including:


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