The Tremor Chestburster is a win variation of the Tarkatan Xenomorph from Mortal Kombat X.



If the player selects the Alien, plays against the character Tremor and wins without a fatality, the winning cutscene will feature the Tarkatan Xenomorph taking him to a Hive. A chestburster later rips out of him. Also, if the player chooses the Konjurer variation and performs the Alien Baby brutality on Tremor, this chestburster also rips out of Tremor then slithers away from it's host.


Mkx0722151280-1437585284098 1280w

Tremor, the Chestburster's host.

Though Tremor is a human, his skin is mostly covered in a rocky-substance that substitutes as tissue. Due to Xenomorphs taking traits from their hosts, the chestburster that erupts from Tremor also gains this rock formation around it's body. The adult form of this creature is never seen.



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