Charles Moore is an American comic book writer, editor and film maker who wrote the comic Predator: The Hunted City for Dark Horse Comics.


Moore's was one of the founders, co-editors and writers of the critically acclaimed black and white anthology series Negative Burn for Caliber Comics in the early 1990s. (The unformatted anthology series by main editor Joe Pruett would come to feature some of the best, non-typical work from top named creators throughout the industry. It has seen a recent revival under publishing companies Desperado Publishing and Image. Moore is still one of the owners of the title.) While served as editor for issues 1-5, Moore also wrote stories with Lisa Moore.

The Moores then collaborated with comics artist Jim Balent to produce the story, Dominique, which ran through issues 71-73 of Dark Horse Presents, followed by their story The Chairman, which ran through issues 74-76.

Moore then wrote Predator: The Hunted City, which ran in Dark Horse's self-titled anthology series Dark Horse Comics.

Moore's comics writing career then shifted to DC Comics where he worked on a number of stories for the Batman-related anthology series Showcase '94 and '95, and on the original four issue miniseries Blood Pack. He is currently a filmmaker and Supervising Producer for the Turner Classic Movies cable network.