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"Um, Miss Vickers, is there an agenda that you're not telling us about?"
Holloway (from Prometheus)
Charlie Holloway
Charlie Holloway
Biographical information
Date of birth

August 7, 2051



Physical description





5' 11" (1.80 m)[2]

Hair color


Eye color



Weyland Corp
USCSS Prometheus crew


Deceased[3] as of December 2093[1]

Portrayed by

Logan Marshall-Green


Doctor Charles "Charlie" Holloway[1] was an archaeologist who was assigned to assist the USCSS Prometheus expedition in discovering the homeworld of the Engineers on LV-223. He has a romantic relationship with Elizabeth Shaw.

Events of 'Prometheus'Edit

A skeptic and adventurous archeologist. Holloway's lover and colleague Elizabeth Shaw showed the most religious zeal out of the Prometheus' crew, but he remained always the more objective of the two.

Over the course of the film Holloway is infected with the Engineer black liquid by David. The infection at first very slowly mutates him and no symptoms are present. Holloway eventually has sex with Shaw and unknowingly impregnates her with an alien monster. After sleeping with Shaw he begins to feel a fever and also notices a very small organism in one of his eyes.

Later, the infection spread more and caused him an even more severe feverish state and intense pain afterwards. Other symptoms then start to show, such as bloodshot eyes, very visible dark veins, rapidly deteriorating skin tissue and a very pale, almost livid skin color.

To save the life of his beloved Elizabeth and to stop his pain, Holloway is burned alive at his own request by a reluctant Vickers, who refused to let him back on board since he could contaminate and infect other crewmen.





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