Naming conflicts

After reading some talk pages on Wikipedia, this is my attempt at getting some kind of naming standard together for game articles. Here's the plan with some examples:

  • 1) Titles that don't see a lot of common usage like "Aliens Online", "Alens versus Predator: Extinction", or even "Aliens versus Predator 2" don't require any further disambiguation.
  • 2) "Alien Resurrection (video game)" is all that's required to disambiguate the game from the movie (See also, Talk:Alien Resurrection.)
  • 3) Two or more games with the same title are distinguished by the year, as in "Predator 2 (1990 video game)" and "Predator 2 (1991 video game).
  • 4) In the case of two or more titles with the same name and year of first release, the year and publisher or developer name could be used. (See Talk:Alien (1982 Avalon Hill) for an oddball case.)
  • 5) If everything else is the same, it could then break down to year and developer, then finally to year and platform.

None of this is written in stone, see how you like it and leave some feedback. PS, I got most of my reference info from List of Alien and Predator games articles, which is full of cool stuff I'd never heard of, so if something's not accurate, please fix it, just name your sources. Thanks!----CadmiumX99 07:08, August 12, 2010 (UTC)