Transbreed Aliens are described as Aliens who take characteristics, major or minor, from their hosts. They are the opposite of Purebreed Aliens, who take nothing from their hosts and emerge as one Alien variant regardless of what their facehugger infected. The terms "Purebreed" and "Transbreed" Alien were first used in the game Aliens versus Predator: Extinction. They include the following castes:

  • Drone
    • Drones are generally depicted as coming from humans, however other lifeforms have been shown to produce them.
  • Warrior
    • Standard Warriors are generally depicted as coming from humans, though can spawn from other creatures as well. These creatures are usually humanoid at least. Like their hosts, Warriors tend to walk upright.
  • Runner
    • Runners are shown hailing exclusively from animals, such as Dogs, Bovines, and other non-earth animals like Kurn and Kriltic. Despite having different hosts, they appear the same: reddish skin, lack of dorsal tubes, and primarily quadrupedal stance.
  • Predalien
    • Predaliens are perhaps the strongest example of an Transbreed alien. They are the most affected by the DNA Reflex inherent in the Xenomorph species to the point many consider them outright hybrids, even though they are not. According the Directors and Producers of Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, Predaliens take 10-20% from their hosts.
  • Dog-alien Xenomorph
    • This is a type of Transbreed spawned from an intelligent race of canine-like creatures found on LV-178. Like the Runners, they are quadrupedal, but are much larger and physically formidable.

Transbreed Aliens are geared more around adaptation, using superior versions of attributes taken from their hosts while the never-changing Purebreed Aliens are more for overpowering prey.

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