The following is a list of Audio Logs found in the 2013 video game Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Request for Reassingment

Doctor Conrad, I'd like to - - I'd like to formally request a transfer off Project Ilithyia. Though I Appreciate…. The opportunity to be involved in such cutting – edge research , I fear that I will not be per - - personally capable of performing my duties to their fullest. Uhm thank you this is from dr stanton. Uhm by the way

Re:Request for Reassignment

doctor stanton I’m rejecting your transfer request and i'm rejecting it fore one simple reason : there's nothing to be nervous about. I understand what you're going through - - Believe me, a few weeks ago, I practically was you.

But i've been assured - - assured mind you - - that our safety is priority one.

By now you'll noticed the extra security provided by our benefactors. As long as the PMC's are on the sulaco you will be safe

Re:Re:Request for Reassignment

you're not understanding me Conrad - - I’m not worried about my own safety. I'm telling you that I am no longer willing to contribute to Project Ilithyia.

You can count on my discretion but I can't …. I just can't do this any more.

And I think you know as I do that these soldiers arnn't here for our protection. We can't even - -

(unknown male voice) Dr. stanton? Come with me please

I … sure, of course.

Please mom

Mom it's ann. I know I said I wouldn't ask for more money, but I need - - we have to go home. But the company won't pay for a shuttle off world.

it's russ. We found this thing... I thought it'd killed him, but it died it just died, and he says he's fine but something just feels wrong - -

(Rebecca "Newt" Jorden) mom are you okay? Dad's waiting in the cafeteria.

Okay newt just a second honey. I'll call you back mom

Supply Requisition Order

This is a formal supply order W-Y dash eight two three, requested by site foreman Joshua Morris

We're gonna need a hell of a lot more research modules, sorry to say - - whichever back birth geologist chose this place as an instillation clearly had their head up up their ass

(in the background) I heard that.

yeah yeah LV 426's structural instability has disabled not two, but three, - - count em three separate


One broke in half after an earthquake, the other two tumbled down ravines. (sigh)

I mention how much I hate this goddamn place, should probably edit that out.

Origin construction status report

Beginning my weekly update on the construction of the origin facility. Apart from all the goddamn research modules we've lost we are way ahead of schedule, partly because there ain't as much of the origin as we originally believed. It looks like one of the arms broke off before we got here. - -

why'd you say that was again doc?

(unknown male voice) A lava flow detached the arm.

So yeah that we should have the origin facility built within the next two weeks. And lemme tell ya - - even with out that arm …..

she's a real looker.

Evacuation Notice

- Message repeats we are abandoning the research modules due to increased xenomorph activity. All personnel need to move into the origin facility by tonight. If you ain't in here with us by 0900, we are not coming to save your ass (static burst) - Message repeats we are abandoning.....

Xenomorph Life Cycle Notes

what follows are my notes the xenomorphs observed life cycle. Beginning in the ovamorph, or “egg ” stage, the creature remains in hibernation until detecting a possible threat. Upon conformation of such a threat, the creature, now having morphed into a sort of artopod parasitod form, will exit the egg and attempt to find and implant a suitable host implantation occurs through the hosts mouth.

After implantation is complete - - a process taking roughly an hour or so – – the parasite dies and the host feels.... normal. After a brief incubation period, the fully evolved xenomorph will.... exit the host through the ribcage. The process is fatal to the host.

Hale Autopsy Report

Autopsy report for Doctor David Hale, incubation specialist.

Dave - - (correcting himself) Doctor Hale was implanted by a parasitod xenomorph form a day ago following a containment breech. After the parasitod expected death, I, against the recommendations of my colleagues attempted to extract the fetal xenomorph.

My attempt - - my attempt failed. Due to the cancerous nature of the xenomorph's placenta, it appears physically impossible to remove an incubated xenomorph with out killing the host. He did not die quietly …. This is Doctor Stephen Hale, singing out.

Security Concerns

This is a foreman morris, submitting formal requisition for - - you know what? Hell with it. I dunno how many times I gotta tell you bureaucratic windbags, but this entire facility is hangin' on by a thin goddammed thread. The only thing standing between us and those things is a couple thousand volts running through a perimeter fence, But we don't even have a backup generator. That fence goes down. This entire place is gone in a matter of minutes. You understand? I need permission to build at least three more perimeter fences as well as the juice to keep 'em all running. Otherwise, you ain't getting much info out of your beloved origin before we get turned into walking godamned bug wombs!

Queen Progress Report

Preliminary attempts to develop a living xenomorph Queen have been surprising successful. Though her presence has not clued us into any sort of pheremonal control of her children like we initially hoped, she's producing eggs at a regular rate.

The tranquillizers we've introduced into her food supply seem to be keeping her docile

(queen screams in background)

Uh, relatively

Origin Status Update

quick status update on the Derelict ship code named Origin. Interior is stable - - cross-referencing the ship's current state with reports supplied by y'all, it looks like the Origin has been relatively untouched since the, what was it …..USCSS Nostromo encountered it fifty – odd years ago. Hell, even most of the eggs are still intact. If I cared, I'd tell you suits that you're a bunch of exploitive dumb asses who are going to get yourself’s, and a lot of innocent people killed, But since my shuttle leaves tomorrow and this little project has got me enough money to buy a small country, I'll just say good luck with all of that.

(W-Y Radio Tech)

Received message from Weland – yutani special projects director Burke, Carter J. message transcribed as follows

“I don’t have a lot of time The jarheads are checking out the pick up spot. Look, they’re gonna nuke the site. I tried to convince them otherwise but- Look you need to send a ship now.

I’ve already got a back up plan to get the specimens back to you but I can’t be sure if –

“female voice heard in distance

“hey company stooge we’re moving help me lift gorman”

burke responds “Alright no problem”

messages end…


hello mister stone it’s me again. After seven unanswered messages I wont be naïve to enough to expect a response but I just want ask you what would they have wanted you to stay stuck in your home drinking booze living off your welfare checks and trying not to stare at there empty rooms or would the want you to get back up and do something with your life travel to another colony meet people start over as always mister stone you have my number


ripley said I should talk to you but you’re on the radio so …

I’m sorry your face got burned I didn’t like the other soldiers but you were nice

Thanks for trying to help me

Er .. I cant really think of anything else to say

I’ll talk to you more once we wake up


this is a status up date from bishop 341-b

prior to their hibernation I attempted to develop a rapport with the marines though my questions about their personal lives have been met with derision they seem to be particularly fond of physical displays private first class Hudson was extremely pleased with my prowess with a knife this method of bonding may warrant further investigating


bad news while attempting to dig a tunnel between the landing and the research modules we broke into what looks like a pretty dammed extensive cave system this usually wouldn’t be much of a problem but the caves are full of those things and we don’t have the time to drill through the explosives to plug the hole we opened I requested a few sentry guns and some grunts to watch the hole until we can get a re supply but for now we just gotta wait me ill be waiting as far from those damm caves as I can get


site morris josh here with an up date on the tunnel yeah it ain’t happening the cave we found…

(aaron) what do you mean it ain’t happening ? we need this tunnel to transport supplies from the landing pads to the modules

(morris) well your not getting it your better off walking the supplies around the supplies around the origin altogether

(aaron) walking have you seen the surface of this planet

(morris) then jog


I’ve set up a tunnel for luring in the queen but the plan has some problems firstly we need somebody to lure the queen to the lift and as nobody around here’s got a powerful desire to die there’s your first snag secondly once we’ve got the queen angry she ain’t just gonna run down the tunnel by her lonesome we’re going to to have to deal with a whole horde of the things and our firepower already spread thin thanks to the big ass cave we dug into I recommend we don’t attempt to snag the queen until we’ve got at least another dozen gun-hands for defence

….. or bait

(W-Y geneticist)

this containment chamber should fit our needs developing the egg production of a queen specimen how ever the real excitement will come in the exploration of her ability to communicate with and control her progeny understanding and developing this bond will be the first steps in controlling the xenomorphic drones


remember should the queen break free of her restraints hit the suppression button immediately the C-284 nerve gas integrated into the holding cell should kill the specimen in a matter of seconds though mister weyland suggests this as a last resort only as lead geneticist I know enough about these creatures to say that if the queen so much as makes a crack in that glass you pound that button as fast as you can


doctor miller it’s come to my attention that you’ve told the employees to eliminate the xenomorph queen at the first sign of trouble firstly I’ve ordered your engineers to replace the nerve gas with the C95 variant lethal to humans of course but little more than a mild sedative to the xenomorphs the queen is an incredible specimen and I won’t let your men exterminate her because you got a little jumpy secondly you’re fired the security forces in the lab have already received my order good bye doctor miller

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