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A Carrier.
Biological information
  • Any planet.
  • Stored in Bio-Imperative database.
Physical description


Other information



The Carrier Alien is an alternate life cycle form of the Praetorian. Instead of the Ravager's devastating melee attack, it carries up to six Facehuggers (twelve Facehuggers when upgraded) which makes it a perfect carrier as its name implies, the Alien brings the Facehuggers to the target allowing easier access. The Carrier also explodes after death spraying acid over all nearby attackers. It feeds its Facehugger cargo nutrients to keep them alive until it can wing them at an enemy.

The Carrier is a large kind of Xenomorph like the Ravager and the Queen. Rather than possessing hands like most Xenos, the Carrier has a single blade on each arm much like a praying mantis. The tubes on its back are much longer and seem to have joints on them. The Facehuggers cling to these tubes where they feed. The Carrier also uses these tubes to fling the Facehuggers at enemies which causes instant death on the foe. When the Carrier is out of Facehuggers, it uses its praying mantis-like appendages to impale its enemies; if the Carrier does have Facehuggers but is facing an enemy that can't be impregnated (such as a Synthetic), it will use also its bladed arms. The Carrier is brown in color. The Carrier resembles the Drone but is nearly three times as big.


When upgraded known as the Supercarrier Genome, it can hold a maximum of 12 Facehuggers.

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