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A Carrier.
Biological information

Xenomorph Prime

Physical description

Approx. 15 feet


Nutrient Rich Backspines
Known to carry Facehuggers

Other information



Carriers are one possible evolutionary finality of a Praetorian and the second most expensive of the three, the others being the Queen and the Ravager.



A Carrier.

The Carrier spreads the Alien infestation to outlying regions by serving as a Facehugger transport. While riding a Carrier, Facehuggers do not expend energy, enabling them to reach farther areas than their limited energy supply would otherwise allow. In combat, the Carrier is an extraordinarily dangerous enemy, since its cargo does not hesitate to leap on nearby targets when threatened. Like all purebreed Aliens, the Carrier comes from a morphed Praetorian.

A Carrier with facehuggers

The Carrier resembles an outsized Drone, standing roughly the same height as the Queen or it's "sibling" caste, the Ravager. Colored brownish-grey tones, it is considerably less armored than those other two variations, as combat isn't really it's niche in the Hive. The Carrier is more outfitted for spreading the infestation, equip with three pairs of specially evolved back spines. These spines are designed to hold the vulnerable Facehugger, offering them protection, nutrients (called Exadrenaline), and transportation to areas on the map they wouldn't be able to reach on their own. Facehuggers can leap upon a Carrier at will or be called.

However, although offense isn't their strong suit, the Carrier is anything but defenseless. It's arms terminate into sharp, hook-like scythes which it uses to slash at victims. If the enemy is organic, any facehuggers it may be harboring will incapacitate and kill them before the fight truly begins.

Super CarrierEdit


An upgraded Carrier

When upgraded, Carriers develop the ability to hold 12 facehuggers instead of just 6. Upon death, their bodies explode apart, showering enemies with both painful acid and deadly facehuggers.

Physically, Carriers develop several markings along the dome of their heads, similar to an upgraded Queen or Praetorian. They also grow brownish chitinous pads on their shoulders, offering a light boost in armor.



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