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"Unlike the hunting parties of young males we'd captured before, this one was older, stronger..."
Mother, about the captured hunters and Scarface

The Captured Hunters were three unnamed young Yautjas captured and experimented on by Borgia Industries.




Scarface and a freed young male.

Seeing as Yautja often hunt in trios and these three hunters were captured around the same time, it is safe to presume they were of the same hunting party. The circumstances of their capture is unknown, however they are taken by Borgia Industries where their anatomy and physiology is studied. Likely, they would've share the same fate as a former hunting trio: Swift Knife, Long Spear, and Stone Heart.
These Yautja can be found in the "Rescue" mission of Concrete Jungle. They are bound in labs, similar to the one holding Scarface, but since they are just Young Bloods, the security around them isn't as thick. They can be freed by destroying the canisters powering their shackles and will assist the player in escaping the lab.

They will not assist the player in later levels, disappearing after Rescue, leaving their fates ultimately unknown.


Captured Yautjas are stripped of all weaponry and technology, nothing but their loincloths left on their person. They retain the ankle and wrist cuffs of their imprisonment and are noticeably smaller and slighter than Scarface, an adult predator. Whether this is due to young age or poor nutrition due to captivity is unclear.

Most notably, their Dreadlocks have been sheared down to stumps while Scarface's are left intact. It is unknown why this is.


  • The captured Predators share a basic character model with Swift Knife.
  • Their models also bear some similarities to the Bad Blood skin.
  • Friendly fire is a possibility with these predators, however they are passive and will not retaliate, even if purposefully struck.
    • Players often kill their rescued brethren because of this. To ensure all three Predators escape alive, it is wise to kill off all enemies first.
  • Captured Hunters cannot be scanned with the Bio-Mask.
  • Despite the title of the mission, Rescuing the Hunters isn't the main objective of the level and leaving them bound or all dead is optional.
  • There are several more hunters besides the trio, but these hunters are already dead.

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