Private Buddy Whistler, nicknamed "Brando", was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. He was part of the team dispatched to investigate the USS Sulaco in the video game Aliens: Infestation.

In-Game Bio

Buddy Whistler had the unfortunate luck of being named both Buddy and Whistler. To make matters worse, he was a scrawny youth who developed into a scrawny young man. In school he was teased, never too savagely, but enough to want to set the record straight that Buddy Whistler was all man! He joined the U.S Colonial Marines right out of High School and to everyone's surprise, passed Marine Recruit Training and chose to be an Infantry Rifleman. Whistler wanted to experience combat, but always seemed to somehow miss it. You see, despite what people may think, Whistler isn't afraid of combat... Maybe that's his problem.