Gerald Brom (born March 9, 1965), known professionally as Brom, is an American fantasy painter, novel and role-playing game illustrator, TV/film conceptual and storyboard artist and writer who worked on the comic Predator: Blood on Two-Witch Mesa for Dark Horse Comics.


Brom has worked for years as one of the most prominent painters in the role playing game industry, having worked for industry leader TSR and its predecessor Wizards of the Coast on a number of prominent games and projects.

He has also worked as a cover artist for science fiction and fantasy books and comics, with a particular focus on dark and gothic-influenced imagery.

In film, Brom worked as a conceptual artist on the sci-fi comedy Galaxy Quest and has more recently worked as a conceptual and storyboard artist on both big budget Scooby Doo cinematic film adaptations, among numerous other projects.

Most recently, Brom has started to write as well as just cover illustrate novels, having produced three illustrated novels including his most recent, The Child Thief, a dark retelling of the story of Peter Pan.


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