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Major Briggs was a Major in the Army. It is not revealed which nation or country he served.

East AfricaEdit

Major Briggs was involved in a conflict between a few different parties in East Africa in what can be assumed to be the 21st century, judging from the technology. Major Briggs fell in with a group of mercenaries from Graham Directive Security during the conflict. While trying to secure the area the mercenaries and Briggs were attacked by a group of Killer predators. Briggs' main contribution to the struggle was drunkenly piloting a tank through the streets of the city attempting to take out as many of the predators as possible. Though extremely drunk Briggs makes it through the conflict.


Major Briggs was a well travelled man. He reveals that he could have retired sometime before the incident in East Africa with a sizeable pension. He is clearly more emotional than the default team leader, Thorpe. Near the end of the conflict in East Africa Briggs had a small breakdown and brashly attacked a large group of predators single handedly with a tank while he was drinking hard alcohol. Though he survived it is clear that Briggs was a very emotional man, despite his office and rank.


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