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Bouvet Island

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Bouvet Island
Bouvet Island
General information
Classification Island
Location Antarctica
Chronological information
First appearance Alien vs. Predator
Last appearance

Bouvet Island (known as Bouvetøya in Norwegian) is the most isolated location on Earth, situated 54 degrees 26 minutes South and 3 degrees 24 minutes East on the Atlantic-Indian ridge between Africa and Antarctica. The island was the site of a Norwegian fishing station until its inhabitants' disappearance in 1904. One hundred years later, the billionaire industrialist Charles Bishop Weyland organised an expedition to Bouvet Island to investigate the subterranean Pyramid detected by Weyland Industries' PS-12 satellite. The small thermonuclear explosion detected off the coast in 1979 is suspected to have been the result of Yautja activity in the area.


  • The unexplained 1979 nuclear explosion mentioned by Alexa Woods in Alien vs. Predator was a real incident that remains unsolved. However, the actual explosion occurred near the Prince Edward Islands, over 2000 miles west of Bouvet Island.


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