"Even I didn't know where Hunter had found these beast. A birthday present for his beloved mother, he called them."
Isabella Borgia about the Xenomorphs

A Warrior of the Borgia Hive

The Borgia Hive was a grouping of Xenomorphs given to Isabella Borgia by her son, Hunter. They served as protection of sorts and were used against Scarface when he comes to kill Isabella. They appear in the levels If It Bleeds and Bug Hunt.



Borgia Industries Hive

It is unknown where Hunter procured the Xenomorphs. Even Isabella, the "brain" of Neonopolis, is unsure where he got them from. Judging from their ridged heads and swarm tactics, the Xenomorphs appear to be of the Warrior caste. The Hive appears to be simulated, with wires and other manmade structures replacing the resin walls the Xenomorphs usually use in their hives (however these do appear in splotches from place to place). There is a central room, powered by an unnamed device. In the floor, which is made of transparent glass, Eggs can be seen. If they are observed for long enough, they will open and Facehuggers will be heard. However, they are never seen.

This hive doesn't appear to have a Queen, or at least not a traditional Xenomorph Queen. Isabella herself seems to be controlling these beasts, siccing them on Scarface when he threatens her. After Scarface shuts down the generators keeping the core temperature stable thus removing all of MOTHERs shields and protection, the bulk of the aliens awaken.



  • The Xenomorph models look very similar to the Warrior from Primal Hunt. They may be the same model.
  • These Xenomorphs cannot be trophy killed.
  • These Xenomorphs are sensitive to Pulse and Sonic Mines.
  • Attacking them with the wristblades, glaive, or any other cutting weapon will deal damage to Scarface as well as the Xenomorph on account of their Acid blood. However, the Combistick and bare handed fighting does not.
  • Unlike in other games, these Aliens appear clearly in a Predator's Thermal vision vs. EM vision.