Classification Xenomorph
Appearances Aliens: Kidnapped

The Bodyburster is a mutated Xenomorph variant which is incapable of maturing past its larval stage.


The Bodyburster resembles a large black Chestburster. They are hatched from a pink Egg among an ordinary clutch, though the origins of such eggs are unknown. During gestation the Bodyburster's host will develop a series of flu-like symptoms, such as fatigue, nausea, and bloating (the latter most likely due to the creature's sheer size). It emerges much like a normal chestburster, albeit much larger and more aggressive. One Bodyburster egg was smuggled to the pleasure planet Celeste by Weyland-Yutani employees. The resulting hatchling, after escaping its human host, caused chaos on the planet by biting people and injecting a poisonous substance that caused the victims to explode.


It is unknown whether this creature is canon in the Aliens Universe due to several inconsistencies with the story and other sources, though it is most likely non-canon.