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"Hard Meat" armourEdit

Seen in Aliens versus Predator, "Hard Meat" armour is fashioned from the acid-proof exoskeleton of a Xenomorph drone. It is worn by the veteran warrior Dachande (known as "Broken Tusk" to his human comrades). Though highly resistant, it offers little protection against the savage attacks of a Xenomorph Queen.

Military Grade ArmourEdit

This armour is used by the Hydra and Blazer, and is almost impervious to any form of damage (maximum fire, acid and kinetic armour). Due to this massive protection the movement speed of the Predator using the armour is drastically reduced, resulting in the Predator being unable to escape dangerous situations. This is only given to military predators, as it is too large and bulky to be of any use to the swifter hunters.

Plate ArmorEdit

As with the helmet, the body armor varies in appearance. Most Predators wear a breastplate which does not cover the midsection. It is made of a very durable metal able to stop bullets as well as delay the corrosive effect of xenomorph blood long enough for it to be taken off. The plating is made of several layers, resulting in better durability. Also worn are gorgets, pauldrons, spaulders, tassets and greaves as well as foot armor. Though very light and strong, a Predator's armor can be pierced by a Xenomorph's "stinger". The Aliens versus Predator video games portray the plate armor as being indestructible as a gameplay element, making the Predator the most durable player-controlled character. This would most likely be the work of the Acid neutralizing effect of the liquid that is made by the Predators specifically for that purpose.

The original plate armour was designed by John Rosengrant. Plate Armor is used by most Yautjas, as it offers protection, since it can stop bullets. It can be destroyed, but not very easily. The seemingly ceramic plating is composed of foreign compound.

This armor offers protection where the Predator needs it the most. Light and maneuverable, it is still vulnerable to heavy strikes. The 'ceramic' plating is composed of a totally foreign compound (like other materials) and some are capable of resisting acidic Xenomorph blood.

Ceremonial Armor is usually reserved for the upper classes and the elders, only found on the leader of the clan. This interchanging and decorated plate armour is somewhat clunky, more for show than heavy-duty defense.


It can be destroyed by the Xenomorphs acidic blood, but some can be treated for acid, like the Wristblades.

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