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Blooding ritual

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Blooding refers to the act of a novice Yautja being ritually marked with the acid blood of their first Xenomorph kill.

Blooding is different for each Clan or Tribe. In "ALIENS VS PREDATOR", the 2004 movie, an unblooded Yautja kneels as they use the Xenomorph's blood (presumably a body part, as the unblooded Yautja forementioned used a Facehugger's finger) to mark themselves with their clan symbol. This could show the diversity in rituals, considering there are multiple Clans of Yautja.

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Behind the scenesEdit

  • This ritual recalls the English fox-hunting custom of smearing blood on the face of the novice hunter.
  • The scarring effects of the Aliens' acid blood are only seen and described in the various Aliens versus Predator media and not in the Predator films.

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