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Scar, a newly blooded Predator
Rank Blooded
Superior To: Pup
Young Blood
Subordinate To: Hunting Captain
Clan Leader
Clan Elder
Next Rank: Several Possible Ranks
"He's marking himself....Ancient Warriors would mark themselves with the blood of their kill. It's a rite of passage."
Sebastian De Rosa to Lex Woods about Scar

A Blooded Yautja is a promotion from a Young Blood. After they have successfully passed their training and killed their first Xenomorph, they then mark themselves with its acidic blood. They mark their Bio-Mask and their forehead as a way of showing they are worthy to be a part of the clan.[citation needed]


Blooded is a general rank in Predator society and can turn into several more specific ranks. The prowess of a Blooded varies greatly, typically with how long  they have been blooded Predators, as a Blooded of many years would obviously be more talented than a newly-made blooded Predator, such as Scar. It is when Predators reach this rank that more opportunities present themselves. They can supervise un-Blooded warrior training, assist in navigating , and can be chosen by a female to sire her pups. Some Blooded, such as Skemte and Warkha, have aspirations to start clans of their own. This can be done by ousting the current leader of a clan, or learning from them and starting from scratch.

Notable individualsEdit




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