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  • Werebereus

    Predator Society

    April 17, 2016 by Werebereus

    The vast majority of all Predators are hunters, proper or not.

    The sex ratio concerning male and female predators has never been revealed, however all evidence suggests it is fairly equal.

    Not all Yautja are hunters. Older predators, likely too old to partake in anymore hunts, busy themselves with matters of Philosophy.

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  • Werebereus

    AVP: War

    April 12, 2016 by Werebereus

    So I just got the book Aliens vs. Predator: War (novel)]] and I'm going to jot down the interesting information I find in list format, which pages and all. Since I'm not great at sourcing, it'd be a big help if you all helped me put the information where it needed to go. Pages are found in parenthesis.

    • Hunter Musk, a detectable-by-humans smell that comes off of Yautja during an exciting excursion, such as a hunt. Smells "animal" and "cloying". It excites predators and can do the same to humans in great enough amounts. -- (1,2) Similar to sweat, it moistens the face and dreadlocks. (52)
    • Human "predators" seem to be treated with some measure of discrimination, with Blooded, experienced humans forced to take up the rear, behind newer hunters. (1,…
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  • Witnessme

    April 26th Alien Day

    March 29, 2016 by Witnessme

    In honor of the planet LV-426, Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products has announced ALIEN DAY (#AlienDay426). A day that will celebrate all things Alien and will include:

    • Nationwide screenings in 20 cities including Austin, New York, Los Angeles and Dallas
    • Never-before-seen products such as comic books, digital games, action figures and high-end collectibles
    • Kickoff of the ALIEN: Ultimate Trivia Challenge, allowing fans to test their ALIEN knowledge and win prizes on Twitter.

    Reebok will also be releasing an EXACT replica of the ALIEN High-Top Stompers worn by Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley in the film Aliens.

    To participate and learn more about Alien Day go to the events website and register now!
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    Now i've talked about in my blog on how I really hated the Scar+Lex shippings and how so wrong it is that people are doing this to scar predator... But in this blog however, I'm gonna be talking about my AVP guilty pleasure... Everybody has a guilty pleasure for something, but as for me, my AVP guilty pleasure is... Alien Loves Predator... And I just know I'm gonna be getting alot of sh*t from people commenting on this and hating on me for being into the Alien Loves Predator thing... Understand though that Alien Loves Predator started out as a Spoof webcomic before the damn shippers came along and turned it into a shipping. Alien Loves Predator, or ALP to fans, is a webcomic that spoofs the Alien vs. Predator franchise, reversing the adver…

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  • Werebereus


    March 23, 2016 by Werebereus

    Recently I've gotten into a bit of a squabble about the "correct" way to reference things. It is my belief that references should actually refer to the source via a link. The way this wiki is set up, however, uses a more MLA citation-esque type of format.

    Now, I've only just begun, but I've asked around on other wikis and at least one other admin agrees with me that MLA-esque citations are not reader-friendly. Direct references to the source via links invoke more of a "here you go" feeling while citations to the source invoke more of a "find it yourself/take our word for it" feeling, since these sources aren't easily accessible.

    I believe direct references should be used over citations or that the two could at least be mixed somehow. I under…

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  • XenoChroniclerm8

    I wish to talk about the books in the Alien Franchise. Not the ones based off the movies but the spinoffs. I believe the books made by a couple of authors who made the books: Out of the Shadows, Sea of Sorrows and River of Pain, are great additions to the story. The way the books are able to drive home the feel of something lurking and fear of the crew really deserves more notoriety in and outside of the community. ᕦ(ᵔ⏠ᵔ)ᕥ

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  • Ripley007

    A life cycle begins

    March 18, 2016 by Ripley007

    This is my first post and I am wondering why I haven't done this sooner.  

    The pain of the acid burn is nothing compared to the horror of seeing comrades fall to the whim of a focused and invasive species.  "Unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality."

    The nurse is patching me up as I sit here wondering why they wanted to try and capture the alien again.  When my CO told me where we were going I was incensed but didn't argue.  For years this species has been a focal point for the military and Weyland-Yutani.  It's a losing battle and a loss of life whenever we find them.  

    Or they find us.  

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    Well there is alot of hype regarding Alien Covenant, The Predator & Alien 5 movies that will be coming out in theathers next year and 2018, but for Alien 5... though we don't know when the movie will come out in theathers, but we do have concept art shows an older Ripley & Hicks... And I'm not liking whatever Ideas they have for Alien 5... Personally, I feel that the idea of bringing back Ripley and newt is really unnecessary. Now I wouldn't mind them bringing back Hicks, which is actaully fine because he survives and the reason for his survival in Aliens: Colonial Marines was well explained, being that he was awaken from hypersleep by Samwell Stone & Turk, but when a firefight erupts between them & the USS Legato, Turk was knocked into Hi…

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  • General Wild Dog

    This another original script of Alien 3 that I found very interesting, but different from William Gibson's work, it presents no returning characters, thus may displease those who're expecting familiar faces from James Cameron's Aliens. Which one of the two scripts are more fascinating? I can't decide, but I believe most votes will go to William Gibson's, for it features Ripley, Hicks, Newt and Bishop.








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  • General Wild Dog

    James Cameron's Aliens is undoubtedly pinnacle of entire Alien Franchise, how to exceed pinnacle is the problem to be reckoned with, for Cameron, only another Cameron is capable of besting over him. Thus posed a difficulty to sequel's development: Who can take this responsibility beside Cameron himself? George Lucas or Steven Spielberg? Well, these two are indeed legendary, however they may not proficient at horror genre. Finally, actual Alien 3 movie became a setting in a prison, without guns and gunning down monsters. It was innovative, however somehow disappointing to those who expect large hordes of vicious Xenomorgh and an epic battle against Xenomorgh hordes. Movie is a form of visual arts after all, the basic value of visual arts is…

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  • General Wild Dog

    Alien, as a franchise, always fascinates me to an extreme extent, mainly because the Xenomorgh is among few things capable of scaring me. I can easily see through fabricated ghosts in ghost movies, however Xenomorgh...feels so real, even blurs borderline between fiction and reality. Thus I became captivated to Xenomorgh, just like pre-history human worshiping terrifying objects such as earthquake, thunderstorm, volcano, flood...

    My first experience with Alien/Xenomorgh was in fifth grade of elementary school. It was winter break, I spotted a new game in local arcade center, a SEGA Model 3 Arcade System, titled as "Alien 3: The Gun". My first impression was those monsters (Xenomorgh) in the game were much more "real" and "scary" than those d…

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  • XxLucinaFTWxX

    vote plz

    February 2, 2016 by XxLucinaFTWxX

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    Another one of the long running arguements about Yautja is whether or not they are mammals or are they reptiles... Well that is what we are going to talk about today! For starters, Just as I strongly believe that Xenomorphs are female, I believe that Yautjas are mammals, and there is strong evidance to say so otherwise... Lets start off with what make Yautjas mammals... In Steve & Stephani Perry novels, the Yautjas are portrayed as sexaully dimorphic mammals living in a Matriachal clan-based society, with the females being largers and stronger then males, and sporting more prominent mammary glands, or breasts (like human females) and are refered to as "Milk glands", which would be strong evidance that female Yautjas produce milk for thier …

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  • Heatlineheard

    Who else is excited for these two movies? Are you more worried than you are wetting yourself with anticipation? Either way. you've got a long time to decide which until both movies come out.

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  • Enforcener predator

    Coment on the box your ideas for predator 4 . like in what ecosystem develops or what predator gonna appears a new predator or something that already see or around the main character which will be?,police,cia agent, militaar or something else

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    Happy Thanksgiving fellow Alien/Predator fan! It that time of year where we all get to spend time & eat dinner with family and give Thank to the most important people in our lives. This Thanksgiving, I'm giving Thanks to my cousins, Robbie & Ian, and for Alien & Predator... Thats right! I'm even giving Thanks to alien & predator, and there will be a very good reason for that in a moment, but lets start with my cousin & why i'm thankful to them... When I was very young, elemantary school age, Mom & I went to visit my aunt & my cousins... Oh yeah, and my A**hole uncle, whose NOT my uncle anymore, but is still an A**hole none-the-less for the first time for the summer. they lived pretty far away, so it was pretty much a Llllooonnnggggg ass dr…

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    ==NOTE: This Blog here is the censored verson of a journal I wrote on DeviantArt, "My Opinion on the Scar+Lex Shippings..." and the reason for this censorship is mainly because the journal is VERY heavy on swearing, disgusting phrases & full of insults, as all of that was aimed at the shippers... So with that said, Please try to understand that this is a subject I do NOT take very lightly, and the reason behind why the journal was written in the first place was so that people would understand that there was a very big misunderstanding behind the creation of the shipping I'm talking about... Again, try to at least understand and be mature about this, because this blog, just like my journal on DeviantArt, is based on my opinions, so please d…

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    The long running arguement of how one pronounces "Yautja", has been debated by many fans, but just why exactly do we argue about it? It more so depends on the person whose saying it. However, Its different when you see a word you never heard of before. Lets do an example.... See this word here?                                                                                               


    Now think really hard, how would you pronounce this word? You've never heard of such a word before, so how does one say this word? You may at first pronounce this word as "Yaw-ja" or "Yat-ja". Believe me, I've pronounced it as "Yaw-ja" before in the past. The reason …

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  • Heatlineheard


    November 10, 2015 by Heatlineheard
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    Female Predators

    November 7, 2015 by WOLFPREDATORQUEEN1

    Let's talk about yautja females! For starters, the appearance of the female yautja are no different from the males. Yautjas, likes humans display sexual dimorpism, which is a phenotpic differentiation between males & females of the same species. Female yautjas are larger & stronger than their male counterparts, and just like human females, display mammary glands, or breasts, which yautjas refer to as "milk glands", as mammals are specialized to produce milk to provide nutrition as well as antibodies for their young, and infiant yautjas are called pups, suckers & sucklings... And you have an idea why they are called that... This is in fact evidence that yautjas are mammals. As yautjas, just like human, are individuals and have minds of thei…

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    Just what is the xenomorphs gender? The topic of what the xenomorphs gender is has been heavily debated by many fans. Some say that xenomorphs are male & female, while Most say that xenomorphs simply don't have a gender and are asexual. However, there are people like me, who strongly believe that xenomorphs are female only & males are non-existist, and there is strong evidence to support this. For starters, xenomorphs have been compared to social insects, Like bees, ants & termites, this is called eusociality, which is the highest level of animal sociality & is defined as cooperative brood care, overlapping generations within the colony of adults, and a division labour into reproductive & non-reproductive groups. Xenomorphs do display euso…

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  • Leigh Burne

    New Names, Old Faces

    August 11, 2015 by Leigh Burne

    Just a fun bit of trivia about : the new book gives full names to a host of characters in the franchise, many of which had only a single name before. But in just a couple of cases, characters have now changed their identities...

    Remember William Gorman? His first name was previously taken from the actor playing him, William Hope, as was the case with the majority of the Marines in (the exception being Dwayne Hicks, whose first name is given in dialogue in the extended Special Edition of the movie). While this was never outright confirmed as canon, this "name-shared-with-actor" trait was a known convention shared by the Marine characters in the film. However, his official name according to the report is now Scott Gorman — which may or may not…

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  • MGSolidSnake

    I was reading up on the Derelict and Space Jockey in Alien. Why are we assuming that the Jockey was fossilized? I mean he may have looked like a skeleton, but we're assuming that the Engineer technology is biomechanical, it's biological technology, and we've seen in Prometheus that the Jockey was actually a suit with something else underneath. So shouldn't we think that Space Jockey's suit just looked like that, I mean, it looked about the same in Prometheus. Also people say that the Space Jockey was twice the size of any Engineer. I always thought the Jockey was the same height as the Engineers in Prometheus, that the suit made him look big, like he was shorter on the inside. Not to mention, how can a suit fossilize?

    I mean, I still say th…

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  • Vultraz the Octopus Overlord

    I am very specific, as I said in my user page, about the xenomorph life cycle when using human hosts. Here is the link to the page so you can read it. my page so peeps can read it.

    I also don't personally think the story of aliens:ce was canon. The game itself was fun, but the campaign sucked big monkey balls. The crusher and boiler were dumb, less so with the boiler because it was a mutant, and that was cool.

    Tell me what y'all think of what the castes are.

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  • Leigh Burne

    New Xenopedia Logo

    April 24, 2015 by Leigh Burne

    Over the last few months, JANN ELDERPREDATOR and I have been coming up with a replacement for the logo or wordmark that sits at the top of Xenopedia's web page. In case anyone's unsure what the wordmark is, currently we use this:

    It isn't particularly easy to make out, the text could be clearer, but above all it's been there practically since the site started — something new would be good to freshen things up.

    JANN and I decided to base the new one on artwork created for the Fire and Stone series, as we felt this was a good way to reflect the addition of and the Engineers to the franchise. The major limiting factor we have struggled with is the size — the image cannot be any larger than 250 x 65 pixels, which really isn't a lot to work with.…

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  • MGSolidSnake

    Here's something I wanna get off my chest. Does anyone feel that Predator can't do anything that isn't Alien related? Don't get me wrong, I love the idea AVP and I think it's a great series. Two bad movies, but could be made good. Anywho, see, I feel that Predator can't do anything that isn't Alien related. Like, the Predator game Concrete Jungle, I loved that game, but its critical flaw was that it was Predator set in the Alien universe, which I found uncalled for. Can't they just make a Predator game that didn't involve Aliens? Not to mention, where the hell did the Aliens come from anyway? What sparked this whole thing was the new Predator, Aliens, and Aliens vs. Predator Rage War novel series. I read that the Predator book Incursion in…

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  • Herashr

    Whimsical Art

    April 3, 2015 by Herashr

    Published in Ballistic Publishings Expose 8 as a double page spread 5 artists worked to created Alien vs. Predator in different sorts of competitions. It was used as part of an ad campaign for Sky Digital New Zealand through DDB New Zealand and received a Master award in the Whimsical category. Full size pictures of each match: pool, chess and tetherball can be seen at the end of this blog.

    Credited Artists are:

    Predator - Benjamin Parry

    Alien - Andre McGrail

    Compositing - David Partridge

    Retouching - Andy Salisbury

    Art Director - Gavin Siakimotu

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  • Herashr

    So I get that I have a very unusual point of view on things, being a dork who loves anything unusual or different especially if it relates to Alien or Predator. So when I started learning more about my favorite fashion designer Alexander McQueen who lost his battle with mental illness, as many great artists do, to suicide, I saw these shoes...Alien inspired or what???!!! Needless to say I (and most people) could never walk properly in them, but man do I want them!!

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  • Herashr

    Predator vs. Batman

    April 2, 2015 by Herashr

    I read Predator versus Batman a long time ago, and Batman won. Which is ok, fair, but given the Predator community didn't he just make himself a big target? Wouldn't they observe all his contingency plans and come back adjusted for them? Or did he earn enough respect to be left alone? He was not rewarded or blooded that I can remember, any ideas?

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  • Pseudobread

    Building Fear in Alien Isolation Speakers: Alistair Hope (Creative Assembly)

    We had a chance today to hear Alien: Isolation's Creative Director talk about making the game and got to see some prototype footage of some very early builds. The most surprising bit of info that came out of the talk was the fact that in its initial stages, the game was third, not first, person:

    The game resembles traditional Survival Horror games (Resident Evil, Dead Space etc.) a lot more strongly in third person, and the heavy cover mechanics give it an almost Gears of War feel. So why did they back away from this design choice?

    The team had several reasons, citing that the third person perspective made the player feel like they were controlling an avatar instead …

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  • In Space No One Can Hear You Scream

    I have been aware of the existence of the ALIEN films since I was young, thanks to the Great Movie Ride at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World. I used to be absolutely terrified of the ride's ALIEN segment, but on one trip, I managed keep my eyes open long enough to catch a glimpse of the film's titular monster. I loved its design. I had never seen anything like it before. Over the next several years, I became very interested in the ALIEN films and how they were made; alas, I was too young to see them.

    Things remained this way until my twentieth birthday, which took place on February 19, 2015; on this day, my parents gave me the ALIEN Quadrilogy DVD box set, and I dove into the films as soon as I could. Now was my chance to see them. At last I …

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  • MGSolidSnake

    You know, after researching the Fire and Stone comic book series that came out recently, which I still haven't read, I thought, it could be an interesting idea to do an Aliens, Predator, and Aliens vs. Predator shared universe. I mean, Marvel did a good job with their shared universe, DC is trying to catch up with them, even the friggin Universal Studios Monsters is getting a shared universe starting with Dracula Untold, which I think is lame.

    I mean, it doesn't have to be as big as Marvel, I mean, I sometimes mostly think the two series should be separated, but somewhat connect. Like Predator doesn't need Alien references or vice versa, I mean Alien and Predator were their own franchises before they crossed over and people shouldn't forget…

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  • Xenomorph2014

    Alien 5

    February 20, 2015 by Xenomorph2014

    Is anyone else super excited by this? On imdb it was announced that Ellen Ripley and Hicks would star in Alien 5.

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  • Hiller aliens

    I would like to know the exact make and model of the sunglasses that collette hiller wore as a drop pilot in the movie - aliens.

    Thank you so much.

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  • Brian Linder

    You can't kill it. Alien is coming back to the big screen with filmmaker Neill Blomkamp, who worked briefly on the thought dead Alien: Xeno movie, in the director's chair.

    Details of the currently untitled movie are still under wraps, but it's safe to assume that the story will be similar to what the District 9 filmmaker personally concepted and showed off in a batch of images he recently posted online.

    Blomkamp's posts got Alien superfans excited and apparently caught the attention of decision-makers at 20th Century Fox, who quickly worked out a deal to resurrect the project and sign Blomkamp. He took to Instagram earlier today to announce the project.

    According to The Wrap , the new film's story is set after the events of Prometheus 2, which is st…

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  • AlphaLima1980

    This is a very short story about the colonial marines I wrote one evening, It's heavily based on Aliens Colonial Technical Manual by Lee Brimmicombe-Wood, and introduces some of its facts, equipment and characters, plus ones I imagined or assumed.

    0824 Hours, January 24, 2165 / 1 klick south of Forward operation base of the Marine Force Eridani, Helene 215 (82 Eridani II).

    Corporal Adam "Moose" Rakunas finished his duty before dusk and sighted. he spent all the 3 hours of the evening laying a mine field in an aleatory pattern and then covering some parts of the field with mounds of bunny drop. The corporal knew that bunnies activated the sensitive anti personnel mines but not the anti tank mines, so his company has been using this to their a…

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  • MGSolidSnake

    You know, I've been thinking about how bad the Alien Colonial Marines game tanked and feel bad about all the potential it had, it was all about what all Aliens fans want, to be a Colonial Marine like Hudson, Hicks, and Vazquez.

    Is it possible they can give it another chance? Different developers, different story, nicer graphics, and most of all, better gameplay. Instead of it being a shoot'em up, maybe make it survival horror with action and strategy, like Resident Evil 4. I mean, that's the best I got. Is it possbile to get the Colonial Marines right and try one more time? Can it be redeemed?


    Still haven't finished Aliens Isolation yet.

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    "ALIENS VERSUS PREDATOR: GOLD EDITION" (2000) is pretty much an expansion pack to 1999`s original FPS classic "Aliens Versus Predator".

    Aliens Versus Predator Gold adds several new interesting features to the already legendary PC shooter such as:

    An in-game 'Save Game' feature which allows you to save your progress at any time during any level.

    Two new Colonial Marine weapons: 1. Dual Automatic Pistols and 2. The Skeeter Gun (fires discs), both can be used in Single Player and Multiplayer.

    Nine new Multiplayer/Skirmish levels based on Alien (1979), Aliens (1986), Alien 3 (1992), and Predator 2 (1990) (unfortunatly no Predator 1987 levels...). The levels are: Lab 14, Hadley’s Hope, Elevator, Subway, Leadworks, Meat Factory, Nostromo, Compound,…

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  • Bobbycracky

    dream catcher

    January 4, 2015 by Bobbycracky

    really suprised how stephen kings dream catcher is'nt mentioned in the "did you know?" trivia, the "alien virus" is refered to as "ripley" by the soldiers, as col curtis/kurtz (film/book) puts it "well because, know" this information can be found on the dreamcatcher (novel) wikki not yet on imdb nor is there video of it, i may change both of those things

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  • The Cruentus

    Members of the Year

    January 1, 2015 by The Cruentus

    We don't really have barnstars or anything else for this to my knowledge but some members deserve to have their tireless yearly efforts acknowledged. To this end, I created this blog.

    While there has been a few members that in the past that could have qualified, this blog is starting with 2014.

    Members of the year for 2014 are Toa Quarax and Leigh Burne.

    Gentlemen, your contributions have been immensly helpful and you both helped turn this wiki around, I hardly recognize it from when I first saw it (which was really bad). With the efforts of Nightmarizard, Ultimatex, Troopdude, Bman and myself, we managed to improve the wiki a little bit but not to the extent you guys did, plus due to their personal lives and situations, the admins became ina…

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  • The Cruentus

    Leigh burne has already made a review about this game and has pretty much said what needs to be said but I will add my own perspective and I will be discussing the negatives that people and critics have mentioned.

    First I will start by pretty much mirroring Leigh by saying this is probably indeed the best Alien game ever, even comparing it to Aliens versus Predator 2, a game I love! I would say the game is much more scarier and better than the Marine campaign with the Alien acting like a true Alien. No other Alien game is its equal, not even the crossovers Aliens versus Predator 1 & 2, which were noted for being scary back in the day but it is not even close to Alien: Isolation. Creative assembly needs to give themselves a pat on the back f…

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  • Leigh Burne

    I wanted to try and do a spoiler-free review for this, but given the nature of the story and the points I want to raise about it, that would basically be impossible.

    First, the good — I thought this was easily the best book of the trilogy. Some readers may not like the fact that there are literally no Aliens until around the halfway point, but personally I thought this was a good move. The first half takes its time setting up colony life and introducing us to the major players, and it pleasantly reminded me of the world-building Moore did at the beginning of Alien: Sea of Sorrows, which I thought was the strongest part of that book. Russ, Anne, Timmy and Newt are handled well, and Brackett was a decent enough (if perhaps a little bland) hero…

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  • Leigh Burne

    Having now finished , I have to say, it's probably the best Alien game I've ever played (although note I've never played fan favourite Aliens versus Predator 2).

    My main worry prior to playing was that the game wouldn't manage to successfully drag out it's only-one-enemy scenario to a decent length without getting boring. Happily those concerns were allayed. The game throws in enough varied scenarios to keep it feeling fresh (as well as the big twist just over halfway through that reveals there are more than one Alien). It also mixes it up by making its Seegson androids a serious threat later in the game, with the added bonus that they make for very different opponents to the Alien — they're less immediately deadly, they're less mobile, and the…

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  • Game Wolf

    I have been thinking about what kind of Alien/Predator movies that wee need to see inorder to actually make Prometheus and AvP and all the other films make sense.  So I have a list of ideas that I think would be perfect for Fox to make.  Hell, if any execituves from Fox reads this they can copy the ideas and not give me a fucking dime since they all make sense and would be intersting to see.

    A Predator film in space.  Come on, we all want to see this happen.

    Colonial Marines vs. Predator.  Nuff fucking said.

    Would involve a group of mercenaries hearing Shaw's warning signal she left at the end on Prometheus and going to the planet to investigate, and instead of finding anything worth while, they find the Deacon.

    • We need to see what happens to …

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  • Xeno126

    Alien 3 blog

    October 24, 2014 by Xeno126

    This blog is all about Alien 3 here is what is covers

    1.The alternate scripts,ranging from okay,good,to stupid

    2.both Cuts

    3.the hate of alien 3 

    4.what I like about alien 3

    7.dedicated area too the Alien's earth hive trilogy being the actual film it could have been worse




    1.Alien 3 had many diffrent variations,from the stupid alien virus,in which by the way there is a xenomorph chicken!There is one with it being on a prison but with WY(weyland-yutani) experimenting on the prisoners.There is one with monks and a wooden planet.One where NO JOKE xeno's can take over tech WTF.Some of them are good like the one involving monks,the Xeno experiments are okay.but I prefer that kept to the expanded universe.But I am so…

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  • Xeno126

    Scar face you could say IS THE most badass predator of all time with tons of trophies and kills also restoring his position.he has wiped tons of crime organizations off the map killed the most dangourus things in the city at the time it be a Jamaican mutant or a abomdible human yatjua hybrid.He has so many weapons,all of great quality he vocal mimics all the time which he does ironiclly in some cases mocking his prey and destroying lots of xenomorphs too bad fox isn't smart enough. Damn as I writing this I might work for fox one day and get the record straight before a company steals the franchise,I actually wish a great dream ACM live action series with no CG and one episode per month due to time

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  • Xeno126

    Over the course of this francise it has constantly,questioned,conterdicted it's own canon to the point where.Well lets be honest made it a maze here is a small list of all the things that are unknown or argued about 

    1st alien ressurection (which it's title is so ironic) 

    1.says that wal-mart bought weyland

    a.non canon consider this a ploy to gain ripley 8's trust

    2.the xenos were wiped out 

    a.non canon why? because they used that to also gain her trust and the novel that was a sequel dispproved that.

    2nd Avp(the movie)

    1.says that predators hunted xenos on earth long ago and collaberated which ancient nations(aztecs,mayans,egyptians) because it makes sense and there is no reason to complain and if memory serves,the xenomorphs were on ear…

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  • Leigh Burne

    Having had a chance to play a bit of , here are some early thoughts. This isn't a full review, because truth is this game is hard, so I'm not even halfway through it yet.

    Most importantly, is this game a scary, thrilling Alien experience?

    Yes. Good God, yes. Even before the Alien shows up, it's terrifying. The lighting and sound design is perfect. One of the best bits is when you first wake up on the Torrens at the very beginning and have a look around, and each time you enter a new corridor all the lights in the walls flicker on exactly as they did in Alien. They've nailed the aesthetic.

    What about the Alien itself?

    One scary mofo. He is a terrifying presence, simply because if he sees you, he ends you. It's as simple as that. In fact, sometimes y…

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  • Dragon storm101

    my favorite predator is scar for i like his looks.

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  • Deathblade 100

    I have a few theories why the Predators skin some of their victims.

    1. They see the person as weak or pathetic.
    2. They do it as a warning.  (Wolf from AVP-R skinning Deputy Ray) or
    3. It's another way of taking trophies.

    What's your opinion?

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