"This Alien conjures images of a rabid extraterrestrial cheetah, but one that never tires and can leap into prey with the force of a sledgehammer."
―AVP: Runner, Bestiary.

The Biohydraulic Lunge is an ability unique to Runner Xenomorphs. It is featured in Aliens versus Predator: Extinction.


When a Runner is far enough away from a target, it can lunge towards it at a tremendous velocity. The Runner commonly leaps at its victim's neck, which it strikes viciously on impact. This causes damage that is unexpectedly severe from a creature of the Runner's small size and weight comparable to other Xenomorphs. This ability is weak against heavily armored targets, unless done in tandem with several Runners, in which even the strongest of foes can be felled in one coordinated lunge in which the Runner will run through its victim.


  • The game Aliens vs. Predator expands this move from the Runner caste to all Xenomorph castes. However, it is worth noting that these castes merely knock prey over instead of leaning at the throat or running through them.