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"This piece of shit is even older than I am."
Ripley 8 (from Alien Resurrection)
Schneider alien 4

The Betty docked

The Betty was an ageing transport ship captained by Frank Elgyn in the 24th century and crewed by a collection of smugglers and mercenaries.



From the ship's age and design it is very dated, possibly over 200 years. It constantly requires repair and maintenance.

Layout and modificationsEdit

It has rear thrusters and is fitted with magnetic docking clamps. There are aspects of the ship that share a likeness to mid 20th century cargo vessels like the rear cargo door, the cockpit design and the artwork on the ship's side.

AR betty cockpit

The Betty's cockpit


Behind the ScenesEdit

The Betty's design was created not as a traditional drawing, but as a 'kitbash', and physical model assembled from the parts of various home modelling kits. Included in the original mock-up was the hull from a Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II close support jet aircraft, better known as the "Warthog".[1] The ship's cockpit was originally going to be far more open with all-around windows, but was made more claustrophobic due to budget constraints.[2] The final shooting miniature was built from foam core and cardboard. The ship's interior was inspired by the look of industrial equipment, including jackhammers and forklift trucks, and also took inspiration from the Power Loader from Aliens.[3]


  • In the original script for Alien Resurrection by Joss Whedon, the Betty had two additional crew members named Rane and St. Just. Rane is taken by a Cloned Xenomorph during the swim through the flooded mess (a fate given to Hillard in the film), while St. Just is sucked into space when the Auriga's hull is breached during a major action sequence in a botanical garden.[4]



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