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"Evolved from a Berserker Super Predator, its speed and strength represent the ultimate killing machine."
Berserker-Alien description

The Berserker-Alien was a Xenomorph spawned from a Berserker Super Predator, similarly to a Predalien. The Berserker-Alien was among the most dangerous of Xenomorph variants and was extremely strong, heavily armored and very fast.[1]


The Berserker-Alien has a unique coloration similar to cystic infused Xenomorphs and a crest-like head similar to a Praetorian, though far smaller. Unlike the Predaliens encountered on LV-1201,[2] the Berserker-Alien possessed an inner jaw.[1]


The Berserker-Alien's body is heavily armored, 50% more than the Drone caste's and only 5% less than the Praetorian's.[1]


The Berserker-Alien has two hands as with most Xenomorphs, each with three fingers with claws on the end. The Berserker-Alien's claws deal massive damage, 60% more damage than the Drone's claws. Uniquely, The Berserker-Alien's claws also deal 30% more damage to Xenomorphs than the Drone's claws.[1]


The Berserker-Alien's tail deals 40% more damage than the Drone's. As with the Berserker-Alien's claws, the Berserker-Alien's tail deals 30% more damage to Xenomorphs than the Drone's.[1]


Despite its size, the Berserker-Alien is extremely fast. 100% faster than the Drone caste, Berserker-Aliens are as fast as a "standard" adult Runner.[1]



A Berserker-Alien Chestburster erupting from a Berserker Super Predator.

The only known Berserker-Alien erupted from the Berserker Super Predator impregnated by a Drone in the Temple Arena on LV-412.[1]


  • The Berserker-Alien was the only new Xenomorph caste created for AVP: Evolution and was added via an update.
  • The large head of the Berserker-Alien is almost always clipping through its dorsal pipes in-game.
  • The Berserker-Alien does not possess quad-mandibles, which is odd because, after the player defeats the Xenomorph Queen at the end of the Yautja campaign, an image of a Chestburster with quad mandibles is shown bursting from the Berserker's chest.



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