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Bellybursters emerging from their pregnant host.

The Bellyburster is a Xenomorph infant that bursts from the victim's abdomen.[1]


Using a delivery method similar to a Facehugger, the Predalien birthed from Scar in 2004 could force embryonic Xenomorphs down its victim's throats. The victims appeared to be only pregnant females, as the Predalien merely killed a female nurse instead of implanting her. Multiple larvae later erupted from the victim's abdomens.[1] Functioning as a juvenile Queen, the Predalien utilized these multiple spawnings to quickly increase the Xenomorph population and build the Hive, presumably before molting into a full grown, Egg-laying Queen.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • "The belly bursters were actually in the first draft that Colin and I read...They had the bellybursters ... caused by an alien warrior...We actually made it the Predalien that was reproducing in this fashion" -Greg Strause AVP-R: Preparing For War: Development and Production (featurette)
  • "Basically the Predalien's kind of a baby queen-there's a phase in between warrior alien and full-blown queen...they do this thing with embryo implantation.. the idea with that was; how does a baby queen quickly form her own little mini-drone army to get the hive built before she evolves into the final state where she can't completely defend herself?"--Colin Strause AVP-R: Preparing For War: Development and Production (featurette)


  • The Bellybursters are closer in appearance to the Chestburster from Alien Resurrection, with a much wider, larger mouth.


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