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Batman in combat against a Xenomorph

Batman is a superhero created by Bob Kane for D.C. Comics. His real name is Bruce Wayne and is a billionaire living in Gotham City. He wears a suit designed to look like a bat. Batman is also known as the Caped Crusader and the Dark Knight.


A young Bruce Wayne witnesses his parents' murder at a dark alleyway and decides to condition himself to become Batman and fight crime and take matters into his own hands due to the corrupt system in Gotham. Over the years and the different incarnations of Batman, he has had many appearances and sidekicks (his main one being Robin) and keeps in contact with the Gotham City Police as they aid him in fighting crime. Batman fights crime using various gadgets that can be technologically complex or simple such as a batarang, a bat-shaped throwing blade similar to a Shuriken or throwing star.


As a kid, Bruce Wayne lived happily with his parents. His life changed when, after he and his family exited a theatre, a criminal shot his parents in cold blood. Later in his life, Bruce Wayne decided to become a hero and donned a costume that resembled a bat so that criminals would learn to fear what he feared as a child.

Predator encountersEdit

Batman was then attacked by one following his investigation of two boxers/gangters, Alex Yeager and Leo Brodin. Following Yeager's murder, Batman found the Predator's lair, but in a deadly duel, he came close to losing his life to the Predator, who escaped. Batman gets back to Wayne Manor, where his butler Alfred saw to his injuries. When Brodin, and Gotham's current mayor are killed in calculated assaults and Commissioner James Gordon himself almost killed in his own home by the predator, but escapes. Batman attempts to recover quickly, knowing the death toll rises every day. A countdown is initiated by the National Guard and SWAT teams: If Batman does not show before the end of the countdown, they plan to flush the Predator out of hiding by searching street by street, a tactic that will likely take more lives than would be saved.

Batman, nowhere near healed yet able to walk, plans one last face-to-face match with the Predator, using a specially-designed powered sonar exoskeleton suit to increase his strength and compensate for his recovering blindness and the Predator's stealth technology. The battle begins on the roof of the Gotham City Police Department, continues in the Batcave, and ends on the outskirts of Wayne Manor. Batman finally defeats the Predator just as its ship lands, with others of its kind disembarking. The defeated Predator honorably commits suicide with a sword which the Predator commander then presents to Batman before leaving. Batman is confident that the Predators will not return after having met what lives in Gotham.[1]

Another predator came to Gotham and killed a assassin that was trying to take a shot at him. Batman was then summoned by the creature after it had stolen the bat signal following his investigation on Terraro's attack on Huntress.[2]

Xenomorph encountersEdit

Batman first encounter the Xenomorph when he had to travel on a "mission of mercy" near the Guatemala and Mexico borderline.  There he found a group of mercenaries. As the group went Into the jungle, the group finds a spaceship  near Mayan ruins and later discovers they have to prevent an Alien outbreak, besides saving themselves.[3]

Following that incident, Batman encountered another that  was found in 1927 in Alaska. It had been brought to Gotham city and sealed in a lab by the explorer who had found it. It was awakened by a construction crew. An army doctor named Fortune took charge of this case in Gotham city and hatched a plan to create xenomorph hybrids bred with DNA from Arkham Asylum's most notorious psychopaths. Batman was forced to fight both the soldiers and the xenomorph hybrids.[3]




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