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Dutton crew

Notable Facts

Discovered a xenomorph in a derelict above Earth's atmosphere.




Commander Barton was a member of the Coast Guard in the early 2190's. In early 2192, Barton was the commanding officer on board The Dutton with his subordinate Ensign Lyle. During a routine debris sweep in the atmosphere, The Dutton came across an old derelict ship getting close to reentry and ordered Lyle to use the probe to load a nuclear demolition charge on the ship to take care of it with the reentry dealing with the small debris afterwards.

During the sweep of the ship the probe managed to get snagged, and Barton ordered his Ensign to get it out so they could clear the blast zone when the timed explosives went off. As the probe left the ship the crewmen were horrified to see an strange creature holding on to the returning probe. Panicking the crewmen worked to get the thing out of The Dutton when the probe returned, but upon turning around in the cockpit the creature stood right there. It then got ahold of Lyle and killed him when a rod like tongue which shot out from its mouth, ultimately impaling Lyle in the head and killing him. It then turned its attention to Barton, who in a panic bumped the accelerator and The Dutton crashed into the derelict ship detonating the nuke before the creature could get to Barton. The whole incident was preserved on The Dutton's blue box.


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