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"We have these M40 grenades."
[seeing Newt touching one of the grenades]
"Don't touch that, dangerous, honey."
―Cpl. Hicks to Newt (from Aliens)

The B15 Fragmentation Grenade is a type of high explosive grenade primarily used by the United States Colonial Marine Corps. The B15 was mainly used as ammunition for the Pulse Rifle's grenade launcher but it could also be used as a standalone hand grenade by removing the red cap from the top of the grenade and pressing the button twice.[1] The B15 is apparently useful in wiping out Xenomorphs waves with ease.


  • The B15 Fragmentation Grenade props used in Aliens were constructed from 12 gauge aluminum snap caps (an inert cartridge simulator made to the same external dimensions as a live round, used for training purposes). The snap caps were embellished with additional machining cuts made for cosmetic appearances, a push button on the top, and a colored plastic cap, which was red for the high explosive rounds seen on film.[1]



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