"Nobody's clean; everyone's got a little dirt on them. You just gotta know how to use it to make them squirm."
Ransome (from Alien: Isolation)
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B. Ransome was an executive for the Seegson Corporation stationed aboard Sevastopol Station. When a lone Xenomorph was unleashed on the station by the crew of the Anesidora in 2137, he became one of the survivors desperately waiting for rescue. Many audio logs scattered around Sevastopol were recorded by Ransome.


Various archive and audio logs recorded by Ransome can be picked up whilst exploring the depths of Sevastopol.

For Ransome, daily life on Sevastopol consisted of reducing costs as much as possible and trying to cut corners by blackmailing others to get what he wanted. An example of this being the fact that he denied proposals from Smythe for replacing the clearly faulty Working Joe androids with Weyland-Yutani variants since it would be too expensive to do so. This later ironically backfired after Ransome recorded a later audio log where he complained about being attacked by one in his apartment.

When it became apparent that a Xenomorph was wrecking havoc on-board the station, Ransome did all in his power to try to contain the specimen. Before getting into contact with Weyland-Yutani, he had blackmailed Dr K. Lingard into "wanting in" in her "interesting find" otherwise he would reveal to Waits about her past involvement in dealing black market medical supplies, something the Doctor later mentioned in a video log.

Once the company had bought out Sevastopol, Ransome sent an audio log to Waits that tried to convince him into containing the unleashed Drone as opposed to killing it so that they could both be "set up for life." This proposal was clearly denied by Waits.

An archive log made by Mike Tanaka reveals that Ransome was hacking into people's private messages and camera feeds "for the past two years."

After APOLLO had cut communications and instructed the Working Joes to hunt down the station's remaining inhabitants, Ransome realized that he was just another one of the company's pawns, and an angry audio log slandering them followed.

Corporate Lockdown

Following Weyland-Yutani's betrayal, Ransome came to a conclusion that Sevastopol Station had plunged into utter disaster and decided that he was going to escape the station, but not before erasing all data that the company would want to obtain.

Ransome left his penthouse and hastened through Solomons Habitation Tower to try to impede Wey-Yu as much as possible; he disabled the camera systems, sealed the window shutters of the outside of the station and deleted all server records - all whilst under the duress of the Drone and numerous Facehuggers that had made their way into the area.

After surviving the Xenomorph encounter in Habitation, Ransome moved on to his next goal in the San Cristobal Medical Facility; remove all trace of his involvement. Whilst the Xenomorph stalks him in the facility, he steals numerous copies of Dr. Lingard's research files and also deletes a message that Lingard had sent to Waits regarding Ransome (a list of all the times he blackmailed or threatened someone). The executive taking his leave in an elevator to comms.

Ransome eventually gets to comms. Once investigating around the Working Joe-stricken area, he closes a message recorded by Nina Taylor to Sevastopol and takes an audio log recorded by Ellen Ripley in hopes of using it as a bargaining chip to get on-board the Torrens.

Whilst experiencing a close encounter with the Drone, Ransome managed to override elevator security control and escape.

His fate afterwards is unknown.

Personality and traits

Through audio and archive logs, mostly his own, it's revealed that Ransome is a harsh and spiteful individual who constantly blackmailed and threatened other members of Sevastapol for his own personal gain. Because of this, many other residents on the station openly disliked the executive.

Despite his negative reputation, he was able to save a survivor from a burning room whilst in the medical facility, showing that his sense of humanity was still at least vaguely intact.


  • Ransome never actually appears in Alien: Isolation, his only presence in the game being through various archive logs that can be discovered by the player. However, he is a playable character in the Corporate Lockdown DLC, and goes on to make a very brief physical appearance in the subsequent Trauma DLC.
  • Unused script files in the game reveal that Ransome originally played a slightly more significant part in the story, although he still did not appear in person. At one point, Ripley was to enter his executive suite in pursuit of Marlow (who was not originally in the custody of the Colonial Marshals from the beginning).[2] Later, it was to be revealed that he perished trying to flee the station aboard the Solace, a ship also cut from the game that was to appear in an additional opening sequence.
    • However, aspects of this plot would later be incorporated in Corporate Lockdown, which follows Ransome trying to escape Sevastopol and get on board the Torrens.
  • There are approximately 213 referenced animations for "Ransome" in the files of Alien Isolation, most notably for cutscenes - implying that he originally had several appearances in-game that were totally cut. There are also around 23 animations referenced in-game for his voice lines.
  • Ransome shares some similarities with Carter Burke, both being corporate executives who had relations with Weyland-Yutani and whose goals involved Xenomorph procurement for personal financial gain.




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