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"Hey, Jackson. What's that for?"
"Expedition security. My job's to make sure everybody's nice and safe."
Shaw and Jackson, referring to Jackson's flamethrower (from Prometheus)
Branwell Jackson
B. Jackson
Biographical information

Security Officer[1]

Serial number


Physical description





Weyland Corp
USCSS Prometheus crew


Deceased[2] as of December 2093[3]

Portrayed by

Branwell Donaghey


Corporal B. Jackson[1] was a mercenary and former military operative who was hired by Weyland Corp to act as security officer aboard the USCSS Prometheus during its expedition to LV-223 in 2093. As such, he was in charge of the security detail aboard the vessel.[1]


Jackson was hired by the Weyland Corporation to provide security aboard the USCSS Prometheus during its voyage to the distant moon LV-223. After spending two years in hypersleep, Jackson along with the other crew members were awaken. As the Prometheus nearly arrives on LV-223, Vickers, Shaw and Holloway briefed the crew on their mission to find the Engineers. As the team prepared to explore the planetoid's surface, Jackson armed himself with a flamethrower, but was ordered to not do so by Elizabeth Shaw under the rationale of it being a research mission only, to which he hardly complies. After the Prometheus crew's first expedition to the Engineer temple, he helped David retrieve Holloway and Shaw after they are trapped by the Silica storm outside the Prometheus. He stood by one of the ship's airlocks helping Holloway and Shaw board the vessel when David finally rescues them.

Jackson along with fellow mercenaries Furdik, Sheppard and Taplow later attempted to kill Fifield who had been mutated by the black liquid and was running rampant at their ship's hangar bay by shooting him multiple times with pistols, but the mutated Fifield proves to be too agile, fast and resilient. Jackson manages to escape in a RT-01 with Sheppard. He later returns to help escort Peter Weyland and his team to meet the Last Engineer within the temple. As Shaw tried to warn Weyland about the Engineer, Weyland ordered Jackson to silence her, which he did by hitting her with the weapon's folding stock.

After Weyland was attacked by the Engineer, Jackson attempts to kill it with his weapon but it was not enough. Jackson was punched by the engineer and thrown across the room, hitting a pillar within the Juggernaut's bridge which broke his spine and killed him.

Personality and traits

"This is a scientific expedition. No weapons."
"Alright then. Good luck with that."
Shaw and Jackson (from Prometheus)

Silent, serious and obedient, Jackson was quite loyal to the company and his employer, Peter Weyland. Assigned for the Prometheus expedition's security, he was trained in the use of small arms and never hesitated in using them if ordered to. However, he also was cold and distant to the scientists he was supposed to protect. Being in Weyland's payroll, he also could be ruthless towards other human beings if his boss wanted to.


  • Jackson is one of three mercenaries (the others being Furdik and Sheppard) involved in a notable continuity mistake surrounding the attack on the Prometheus by the mutated Fifield. Jackson survives the assault and is seen leaving the Prometheus in a transport with Sheppard, yet he reappears in the room with Weyland when Shaw stumbles in. He even helps Shaw into a seat. The mistake occurs because the Fifield attack sequence originally took place later in the movie, when Weyland goes to see the Last Engineer,[4] but the scene was moved earlier in the finished film.



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