"Something's on this station. Something you wouldn't believe."
Axel (from Alien: Isolation)
Axel Fielding
Axel Fielding
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Sevastopol Station


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Axel Fielding[1] was a resident of Sevastopol Station. When a lone Xenomorph was unleashed on the station by the crew of the Anesidora in 2137, he became one of the survivors desperately waiting for rescue. He encountered Amanda Ripley when she arrived on Sevastopol aboard the USCSS Torrens to recover the USCSS Nostromo's flight recorder, which had also been brought there by the Anesidora.

He was also good friends with Mike Tanaka.

Axel was killed by the Alien in front of Amanda when it ambushed him in a transit station, impaling him with its tail and dragging him into a ventilation shaft.


Axel had made friends with new resident Mike Tanaka with both of them usually attending various food breaks together. When chaos began ensuring in the recently decommissioned Sevastopol, Axel was able to escort Mike to a new "safer" room where they would both stay for a while. As the Alien on Sevastopol began slaughtering its inhabitants, Axel took to hiding in the maintenance areas of the station's Spaceflight Terminal, hoarding supplies and waiting for rescue. Axel was originally stalking Ripley in the shadows as she explored the station. When she acquired a Maintenance Jack and began trying to unlock a door in the area, Axel put his gun to her head and began interrogating her. He was initially hostile to Ripley until she guaranteed a spot for Axel on the Torrens, the ship she came to the station on, in exchange for Axel's help in getting to Seegson Communications and contacting the ship.

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Axel's death.

After Axel killed a member of a hostile group of survivors, he and Ripley were forced to run from the the other group members, but Axel was killed soon after they got away by the Drone when the Xenomorph, hiding in a vent, impaled him with its tail and dragged him into the vent.

Near the end of the game, an audio log recorded by Axel can be picked up, with him talking about how he decided to take refuge in a small area located in the Spaceflight Terminal (his "home") and that it would increase his chances of encountering rescue before anyone else.

Personality and traits

"You didn't come here for spook stories? Well you're out of luck, sweetheart, because you've just landed smack into the middle of one."
Axel, to Amanda (from Alien: Isolation)

When Amanda first encountered Axel, he was unstable, jittery and an aggressive individual. However, after Ripley gained his trust, he became less paranoid and began responding to much of Ripley's comments with a quirky remark or sarcasm which she also returned. He later seemed to care for Ripley as after she saved him from death, he tells her that survival is vital and that what she did was for a good cause. Despite the attempts on his life by the other survivors, he tells Ripley that he understands their behavior and doesn't condemn them, as they are simply scared and that fear has made them more violent to the point where survival is their only goal.


Axel holding revolver

Axel pointing his .357 Revolver at Ripley.

Axel carried a .357 Revolver with a holster for it on his right leg when he encountered Amanda Ripley. He also wore dog tags and had a headset with a built-in flashlight in his "home", but he gave it to Ripley.


  • Axel is a playable character in the Alien: Isolation DLC Lost Contact.
  • Axel's ID tag is located in the room next door to his "home." The tag reveals that his second name is Fielding.
  • Axel's full name may be a reference to the Streets of Rage video game series, which features two recurring protagonists named Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding. Notably, Alien: Isolation and Streets of Rage were both published by the same company, SEGA.
  • In his ID photo, Axel is portrayed by Adam Fielding (the QA Project Lead for Alien: Isolation). This is likely where Axel's surname originated from.
  • An alternate ID photo exists in the game files for Axel which seems to be an early prototype of the "ASCII" effect used on the photo IDs in-game - something that was achieved by using software known as "jp2a".
  • Axel placed a calendar in the hiding place where he'd been living, suggesting that at least for a short time, he was still concerned with things other than simply surviving. The game takes place on December 11th, 2137, but the calendar hasn't been updated past November 22nd, eight days after the Xenomorph incident began.




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