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The Archimedes was a passenger ship that was struck by a hail of micro meteors on its way to Alpha Centurai, resulting in the loss of seven hundred passengers and crew. In 2159, Chris "Hoop" Hooper was reminded of the disaster, and several other similar ones, when the Delilah collided with his ship, the DSMO Marion, and he saw the corpse of one of the ship's crew in space.[1]


  • In reality, Archimedes was the name of a Greek mathematician, philosopher and inventor who wrote important works on geometry, arithmetic and mechanics.[2] Greek history and mythology are a recurring point of reference in the Alien franchise; other notable examples include the moon Acheron, the comic Aliens: Rogue (which contains numerous references), the ship Anesidora, the novel Alien: River of Pain, and references to the Titan Prometheus in both Prometheus Tech and the film Prometheus.



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