The Arachnid Alien toy

Not to be confused with Arachnoid.

The Arachnid Alien is a part of the Aliens toy line produced by Kenner Products.

Its name suggest that it is an Alien spawned from a spider-like species. But has been rumored to be a split-evolution of a facehugger that has not impregnated a host (therefore leading to the possibility that after a specific amount of time,The Xenomorph embryo inside of them starts to break down and combined together as one Xenomorph).

Unlike other Xenomorph breeds, Arachnid Xenomorphs can't swim. This is possibly because their bodies are not designed to do so, and/or that the Facehugger's 'breathing sacs' had mutated into lungs, keeping it alive instead of its non-existent host. One possiblity is because unlike most Xenomorphs they lack tails which are the species' main means of propelling through water.

An arachnid Alien is seen in a comic book among many other xenomophs and when they break out you see it attacking the androids.


It has no tail and its swiveling head is similar to the Queen's head. The Alien's main feature is its two pectoral "arms" that act like mandibles/claws. It also boasts another four legs that are arranged in a similar way to reptiles, with each foot ending in three digits, it can also spray venom.