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Kenner aqua l
Aqua Alien
Biological information

Xenomorph Prime

Physical description

Similar to Warrior[1]

Skin color

Blue, red accents


Cranial Sail
Reddish Color
Aquatic Anatomy

Other information

The Aqua Alien was a figure from the 1997 Alien Resurrection line, it came with a miniature of the Betty. It's generally considered to be the most popular of the line.


The Aqua Alien is a variety of Xenomorph which can breath underwater and can move 100 miles per hour in the sea.[citation needed] It likely originates from an marine host.


The Aqua Alien reflects the typical biomechanical features of a standard Xenomorph. Like some Warriors, it is bluish in color, but like the Runner, has some reds to its body. The front of its chest and top of its dome it splattered and striped red, respectively. The head also has a fin, not unlike a sailfish, as well as two protrusions. It's legs are digitigrade in shape and have fins. It's fingers and toes appear to be webbed.

The maw of the creature is enlongated, with longer teeth. It's tail also resembles a shark or whale with a Xenomorph spin.



  • There is another more overtly aquatic alien: the Swimming Alien.
  • The red stripe dorsal down it's dome resembles the Cystic mark on Warriors, Drones, and Predaliens when their hosts are infused with Cystic Acid prior to being infected by a Facehugger.
  • According to the Box of the figure, Aqua Aliens are genetically enhanced Xenomorphs.


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