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"If I catch either of you playing in those air ducts again I'll tan your hides!"
Anne Jorden, to Timmy and Newt (from Aliens Special Edition)
Anne Jorden
Anne Jorden
Biographical information

Flag of United Americas American




Russ Jorden (husband)
Timmy Jorden (son)
Rebecca Jorden (daughter)

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Hadley's Hope colony

Notable Facts

Rediscovered derelict on LV-426.[1]


Deceased[1] as of June 26th, 2179.[2]

Portrayed by

Holly De Jong


Anne Jorden (born Anne Ridley)[3] was Rebecca Jorden's mother and one of the Hadley's Hope colonists on Acheron. In 2179 Anne, along with her husband Russ, son Timmy and daughter Rebecca, was one of the first people to discover the derelict ship on the planet.

Anne perished during the subsequent Xenomorph infestation at the colony; she was killed when the Xenomorphs overran the last major group of surviving colonists in the operations center.


Anne and her husband were dispatched by Al Simpson to survey a set of coordinates on the moon's surface on Weyland-Yutani orders, taking their children Timmy and Newt with them. After gaining some reassurance from Simpson that anything they found would be theirs to salvage, the prospectors came across the crashed Engineer spacecraft discovered 57 years previously by the crew of the USCSS Nostromo. Anne immediately wanted to report the discovery, but her husband insisted they should investigate first to ascertain what it was they had discovered.

Leaving their two children inside their tractor, Anne and Russ entered the derelict through a crack in its side. When her husband was subdued by a Facehugger within the ship, Anne dragged his body back to the tractor to radio for help. Russ was taken back to Hadley's Hope and placed in the medical lab for monitoring, and was quarantined there after he woke up. Despite outwardly appearing healthy, Anne confessed in a message to her mother the she was worried something was still wrong with her husband.[4] 24 hours after he was attacked in the derelict, Anne's fears were confirmed when she witnessed Russ' horrible death when the Chestburster within him hatched, moments after learning a second team sent to investigate the ship had also been attacked by Facehuggers.[5]

As the Xenomorphs began to increase in number and capture more and more colonists to use as hosts, Anne, Timmy and Newt retreated with several other survivors to the storage areas in the sub-levels of the operations building, the men there fortifying their position by welding the doors shut. Anne obtained a firearm from one of the men, intending to use it on her own children should the Xenomorphs come to take them.[5] Despite their attempts at sealing the room, the Xenomorphs eventually breached the area and set upon the survivors now trapped within. In the chaos, Anne was killed by a Warrior as she tried to buy Timmy and Newt time to escape through the ventilation ducts.[5]


  • Anne Jorden and the rest of her family (excluding Newt) were cut from the theatrical release of Aliens when the studio complained that the film was too long. The scene featuring her was later reinstated for the extended Special Edition.
  • In the video game Aliens: Colonial Marines, Anne can be heard in an audio message found in the ruins of Hadley's Hope, along with the voice of Newt.
  • Anne's maiden name, Ridley, revealed in the novel Alien: River of Pain, is likely an homage to director Ridley Scott.



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