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170px-Paul Guinan & Anina Bennett at WonderCon 2010 1.JPG

Anina Bennett, with her husband Paul Guinan.

Anina Bennett is a comic book writer and editor who has worked on several comic books in Dark Horse Comics' Aliens line. She is the wife of comic writer/artist Paul Guinan.


An experienced editor who has worked on numerous comics projects, Bennett is perhaps best known for her work with her husband, artist/writer Paul Guinan, and their creation, for Dark Horse, of the Heartbreakers sci-fi action series. Bennett and Guinan also collaborated for their contribution to the Aliens series: Aliens: Advent/Terminus. Guinan was also one of the main creators behind the Aliens: Colonial Marines comic series that ran from 1993-1994.

Bennett also served for a time as a popular editor of Dark Horse's Star Wars comics line in the early 1990s.





  • Known for being a particularly good-natured comics contributor, Bennett has made a number of "cameo" appearances in the comics she's worked on, and this has extended to the Aliens comics line: she is ripped in half by a Xenomorph in Dark Horse Presents #42.

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