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Angela Foster is a main character in the Fire and Stone series, namely the Prometheus: Fire and Stone storyline. She gathers a crew to go on a "salvage" mission when in reality she seeks to find the missing Peter Weyland or at least, what happened to him.


She has snarky and sarcastic personality which is usually aimed at Galgo. Despite her deception, she cares greatly for her crew and attempts to save them all, even Elden, a construct Synthetic who recently rampaged due to the side effects of the accelerent.


  • Angela's attempt to find Weyland seems to be unrealistic due to the timeline, the Prometheus story is set after the Aliens Fire and Stone one is, which itself is set at the beginning of the film it shares it's title with, meaning had Weyland not been killed by the Last Engineer, he would have died of old age decades ago.

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