Andrew Henry Vachss (born October 19, 1942) is an American crime fiction and comic book writer, lawyer and child protection advocate who co-wrote the comic Predator: Race War, as well as its short story prequel, for Dark Horse Comics.

Race War was Vachss' (whose name rhymes with "Tax") second delve into the comic book medium, co-written by Dark Horse creative director and editor Randy Stradley. His previous comics work was the series Hard Looks, also by Dark Horse. Other following comics works has included the series Cross for Dark Horse and a graphic novel/prose novel double release for DC Comics called Batman: The Ultimate Evil.


Vachss was a New York City lawyer and community worker focusing in the area of juvenile and child abuse for years before becoming a writer and throughout his writing career, and most of Vachss' written works — including Race War and his novelization of Batman: The Ultimate Evil — have dealt with the subject of general, juvenile or child abuse.

He continues to work prominently as a child protection consultant and attorney exclusively representing children and youths. He is also a founder and national advisory board member of PROTECT: The National Association to Protect Children.

For years, Vachss wore a signature eye-patch over his right eye for medical reasons. Though he has said he was not born with the condition, he has never chosen to publically explain the cause of the condition and tends to be offended by the perpetual questioning he has faced about it from the public. In recent times, due to the effects of cataracts operations on his left eye, Vachss has shifted to wearing a pair of dark sunglasses.


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