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Ancient Predator
Ancient Predator
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Alive as of 2004[1]


The Ancient Predator was a Yautja Ancient known for visiting Earth in 2004 after three Young Bloods failed their Hunt.


This Elder had taken the Rite of Passage, and, during his time in the Pyramid, he found and upgraded his Combi-Stick. His Bio-Mask sports multiple markings to signify his rank and many achievements.

It is possible that this Ancient was capable of engaging in melee combat, as he possessed a pair of Wrist Blades. However, his Plasma Caster was not equipped, most likely due to the fact that he was not participating in the current Hunt.

Earth 2004Edit

Three Young Bloods of his clan traveled to a desolate region of Earth to complete a Rite of Passage to prove their worth. After finding Scar alone with a human, Alexa Woods, he watched as the two battled the escaped Queen. Once Scar died and Alexa successfully trapped the Queen in the icy water, he reveals himself to her and has Scar's body taken aboard their Mother Ship. Then, like every Elder, he gave Alexa a Combi-Stick for her bravery and leadership. Once Scar's body was on the Mothership, they flew off into space. But the Ancient and his men did not know what was in the deceased Young Blood, a Predalien. Once the Predalien grew to its full size, it attacked several Predators in a Scout Ship, causing the space craft to crash into Gunnison, Colorado.

Personality & TraitsEdit

He appears to be a wise individual who has learned to avoid making hasty decisions, as younger Yautja commonly do. He is presumed to be very experienced due to his years of battle and constant survival, and it is highly likely he abides by the Yautja Honor Code.





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