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Amanda Ripley-McClaren Isolation
Amanda Ripley-McClaren
Biographical information
Date and place of birth

June 24th, 2111

Physical description




Hair color

Light brown, graying

Eye color


Chronological and political information
Notable Facts

Sole survivor of Torrens, Anesidora and Sevastopol incident


Deceased as of December 23rd, 2177[1]

Portrayed by

Kezia Burrows (likeness) Andrea Deck (voice)


Amanda "Amy" Ripley-McClaren was the daughter of Ellen Ripley. Her mother conceived her during a layover between haulage trips, which was counter to Weyland-Yutani policy, although she was not disciplined for her indiscretion and the pregnancy was allowed to come to term.[2]


Early lifeEdit

Amanda was delivered in a home birth, in the presence of Ripley's husband.[3] She was still a child when her mother disappeared following the loss of the USCSS Nostromo.

Becoming a Technician and joining the TorrensEdit

15 years after Ellen Ripley's disappearance, Amanda is working for Weyland-Yutani as a technician and is approached by the W-Y Synthetic executive, Christopher Samuels, who informs her that the flight recorder of the Nostromo has recently been located in the wreckage, and is being held aboard the Sevastopol Station which is orbiting around the gas planet KG348. Amanda joins the Weyland-Yutani team, in hopes she can have some closure regarding the fate of her missing mother. Aboard the Torrens she meets lawyer Nina Taylor, Captain Diane Verlaine, and Navigator William Connor. They are sent to the space station to retrieve the flight recorder.

On her space journey, Ripley awakens from her hyper sleep and changes her clothes. She has a chance to talk to Samuels and Taylor before Verlaine calls for them to come back to the bridge as they arrive near Sevastopol. They discover the entire space station has been mysteriously damaged and the communications are dead. Ripley, Samuels, and Taylor attempt to take a spacewalk over to the station to investigate, but their EVA line is severed by debris from an explosion and Ripley is separated from Samuels and Taylor.

Aboard SevastopolEdit

Ripley manages to enter the station via an airlock and soon discovers the complete breakdown of civil society with the station's inhabitants reduced to small groups of frightened, paranoid looters hoarding scavenged resources and shooting non-group members on sight. Ripley is able to bring power back online before she enters the spaceflight terminal where she sees the Torrens fly past the window.

With the window shutters closed automatically, Ripley is able to bring the section's powers back online and enters the immigration terminal where she obtains the Maintenance Jack from the corpse of a worker named Zachary Watson and heads back to the terminal.

Meeting AxelEdit

When Amanda Is about to remove the door brace with her jack, she is briefly held hostage by a man named Axel who takes the jack away and aims his gun at her, but she convinces him to help her contact the Torrens in exchange for room on the ship for him to escape the station. Together they head to the transit link before they are stopped by two human survivors, including Jana that try to get the elevator working and refuse to offer help. They continue to head for the transit link on their own way as Axel explains to Ripley about the current situation that is due to a "monster" loose aboard the station. They see the group of hostile human survivors and Ripley follows Axel into the vent by entering his pad where she obtains a flashlight before they leave the room.

They follow the survivors into the other room. Ripley is able to sneak into the room and turn off the generator, distracting the survivors and allowing Ripley and Axel to escape from being spotted. They enter the transit link room and hit the two-man switch console at the same time. As the door opens, a looter grabs Axel from behind and Ripley quickly rushes to save Axel by hitting the looter from behind with her jack, allowing Axel to finish him off by shooting him in the head. But the gunfire alerts more looters as they escape. After they escaped, Ripley is horrified that Axel killed the looter and Axel explains to her that he did it to survive. As they are about to move on, they hear something lurking nearby as Axel sees some kind of saliva that got onto his arm before he is killed when an Alien stabs him in his chest with its tail and drags him into the nearby vent, traumatizing Ripley, who leaves the area on Sevastopol's transit system.

Encountering hostiles and access to the elevatorEdit

Ripley steps out the transit car as she arrives at the Lorenz Sys/Tech Spire. She entered the Lorenz Sys/Tech lobby and saw a woman at the other side of the lobby that she trying to hack the elevator's security system. As Ripley approaching, the female looter shouted and told her to stay back as she fired her gun at Ripley, but she ran up the stair and called for help, Ripley had found and pick up the busted Access Tuner that needs to be repairs. The same woman had return with her looter friends. Ripley walked down to the lobby and entered the Facility Control Room where she obtained the fully-loaded Revolver and also found the key-card which gain access to the main room room and enters the Sevastopol Work Archive.

Ripley found the Nostromo's flight recorder, but she discovered that it had no data and the files were corrupted, much to Ripley's shock and despaired. When she just about losing hope, the alarm system when offline and now Ripley locked up inside the room. She press two buttons to move two movable walls and grab the new data cell as she fixed her Access Tuner before she unlocked the door open and heads back to the Control Room. Ripley return to the Tech Support Lobby and down the hallway to the Tech Workshop. She found the computer and disable the security lockdown. As the alarm system bringing the back online, Ripley saw the alien coming down and out from the ceiling vent and Ripley evade by hiding underneath the desk as the creature leap onto the computer desk with its tail droop down to the floor, landing next to her. As the creature's tail dragged away, Ripley slowly come out and peek other the desk as the creature leaving, unnoticed her.

Ripley slowly leaves and heads back to the lobby and went back by the elevator entrance as she hack the elevator before she quickly enter the elevator and leads to the reception area.

Stalked and EscapeEdit

Amanda encountered a lone Xenomorph Drone that slaughtered most of Sevastopol's residents. She escaped the Drone and continued with her life.


Amanda died at the age of sixty-six, two years before her mother's return fifty-seven years after her initial disappearance. Sometime before her death she married, taking the name 'McClaren', but had no children.


After being cremated, Amanda was interred at Westlake Repository, Little Chute, Wisconsin.[1]


Elizabeth Inglis

Elizabeth Inglis during her youth.

  • The photograph of Amanda that is seen in the extended Special Edition of Aliens is actually that of Sigourney Weaver's late mother, British actress Elizabeth Inglis. The design of the character in the video game Alien: Isolation is based on Inglis during her youth.[citation needed]
  • Weaver was furious when she discovered the subplot involving her daughter had been removed from the theatrical release of the film, as she considered it to be crucial to her character's development in the movie.[4]
  • The cause of Amanda's death is never given in the movie. However, the novelization states that she died of cancer.[5] Footage of Burke explaining this was filmed but not included in the film.
  • In James Cameron's initial treatment for Aliens, Amanda (who had not yet been named) is still alive and living on Earth. By the time of the story, she is old, frail and crippled, and when Ripley speaks to her via videophone from Gateway Station, she makes it clear that she resents her mother for what happened, and coldly tells Ripley that she hates her.[6]




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