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Below is a list of all human weapons that are available to the player in the 2010 video game Aliens vs. Predator. There are six weapons available to Colonial Marine characters.

The player's sidearm in the game is permanently equipped and cannot be discarded, and up to two other weapons can be carried in addition to this. The only exception is the M59/B Smartgun, which takes up both primary weapons slots, meaning any other weapons (except the player's pistol) must be discarded.

W-Y VP78 PistolEdit

Main article: VP78 Pistol

Based on the Beretta 93R. Weyland-Yutani-manufactured military pistol. Holds 18 rounds. Capable of either single shot or three-round burst fire.

Armat M41A/2 Pulse RifleEdit

Main article: M41A/2 Pulse Rifle

Updated version of the M41A seen in Aliens. Incorporates a refined grenade launcher and an increased 99-round capacity in an overall sleeker design.

W-Y ZX-76 ShotgunEdit

Main article: ZX-76 Shotgun

Double barrel pump-action shotgun. Holds 8 rounds. Fires single shots as standard, but is also capable of unloading both barrels simultaneously for a devastating close-range blast.

Armat M42C Scoped RifleEdit

Main article: M42C Scoped Rifle

Sniper/marksman rifle with a medium-powered scope. Holds 6 rounds. Incredibly powerful but limited by a slow rate of fire and high recoil.

M59/B SmartgunEdit

See: M56 Smartgun

Updated version of the M56 seen in Aliens. Incorporates an updated tracking system that no longer relies on infra-red allowing for the successful targeting of Xenomorph threats. Tracking systems can be toggled off for increased firepower at the cost of manual aiming. The Smartgun is not available in competitive multiplayer matches.

W-Y M260B FlamethrowerEdit

Main article: M260B Flamethrower

Military-spec flamethrower. Capable of firing an unignited stream of fuel that can be lit subsequently to create a devastating wall of flame.

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