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Aliens vs. Predator
Written by Randy Stradley
Illustrated by Phill Norwood
Inked by Phill Norwood
Colored by
Lettered by Pat Brousseau
Cover(s) by Frank Miller
Edited by Randy Stradley
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
Release date(s) Apr 1991
Media type
Preceded by Aliens vs. Predator
Followed by Aliens vs. Predator 2
Alternate cover
[[Image:{{{alternate image}}}|center|200px]]
{{{alternate caption}}}

Aliens vs. Predator is a comic book short story that was first published by Dark Horse Comics in the Dark Horse Presents Fifth Anniversary Special in April 1991. Originally published in black and white, the story was written by Randy Stradley, illustrated and inked by Phill Norwood, lettered by Pat Brousseau and edited by Stradley. The comic served as an epilogue to the four-issue series of the same name.

In the Aliens vs. Predator comics line, Aliens vs. Predator (1991 short story) was preceded by Aliens vs. Predator, and was followed by Aliens vs. Predator 2.

Reprint HistoryEdit

In the United Kingdom, the short story was reprinted in Aliens magazine, Vol. 1 #14, in March 1992.

Also in March 1992, the comic was reprinted in Germany in the anthology series Predator #7, in March 1992.

It was subsequently integrated into the first full Aliens vs. Predator series for its trade paperback release, titled Aliens versus Predator, in December 1991. For this release, the story was colored by Monika Livingston. The short has been collected as a part of the full series ever since.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Dark Horse Presents Fifth Anniversary Special contained another Aliens/Predator/Aliens vs. Predator comic story, namely Aliens: Reapers.


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