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Aliens vs. Predator Three World War 1

Cover to AVP: Three World War 5 by Raymond Swanland

Aliens vs. Predator: Three World War (aka AVP: Three World War) was a six-issue limited comic book series published by Dark Horse Comics from January–September 2010. The series was written by Randy Stradley, drawn by Rick Leonardi, inked by Mark Pennington, colored by Wes Dzioba and edited by Chris Warner. The series also featured digitally painted covers by artist Raymond Swanland. A special edition of issue #1 was also released featuring a variant cover by Warner.

The series marks the return of the AVP comics line after an over-ten year hiatus and features the return of original AVP comics protagonist Machiko Noguchi. As such it completes a trilogy of stories starring Noguchi along with Aliens vs. Predator (series 1) and Aliens vs. Predator: War. The story also serves as a sequel to the most recent Aliens and Predator series, relaunched by Dark Horse in 2009, and contains references to, and characters from both stories. It also incorporates ideas introduced in the 2010 film Predators, specifically a civil war amongst Predator subspecies with humans caught in the middle.

In the AVP comics line, Three World War was released in conjunction with the video-game promotional reprint mini-comic Aliens vs. Predator: Special Collector's Edition (Feb. 2010). It is not currently known what Dark Horse's next AVP comic series will be or when it will be released, though the release of a trade paperback collection of the entire Three World War series is soon likely.



  • Featuring the creative dream team of original AvP writer Randy Stradley, superstar penciller Rick Leonardi (Cloak and Dagger, Uncanny X-Men, Vigilante), inker Mark Pennington, colorist Wes Dzioba, and stunning cover artist Raymond Swanland (Aliens, Predator), Aliens vs. Predator: Three World War ties together story threads introduced in the 1989 AvP series and new Aliens and Predator storylines, setting the stage for the most epic AvP brawl ever imagined.
  • Celebrating twenty years of terror and excitement!
  • With a new film expected this year, demand for these titles is sure to be high.
  • "Here's hoping the people holding the reins of the movie franchise are paying attention, because this book already sounds better than both AvP movies put together."
  • "Highly recommended for all sci-fi fans!"
  • The apocalyptic conclusion to the ultimate battle royal!

Plot (Warning: Spoilers)Edit

Official description of individual issues:

Aliens vs. Predator Three World War 4

Cover to AVP: Three World War 4 by Raymond Swanland

A centuries-old interstellar conflict threatens humanity's very existence as a long-lost Predator clan stakes its claim for galactic dominance, intent on exterminating its rival clan, the selfsame trophy hunters who have plagued Earth's history and every world they have touched. And if the advanced technology and military precision of this new threat weren't enough, they have an even more terrifying weapon at their disposal—Aliens, weaponized and under their malefic control. This puts earthmen in the dangerous position of parlaying with the same alien warriors who have relentlessly hunted them, and who better to carry out the negotiations than Machiko Noguchi, the only human known to have spent time alongside the Hunters.

Machiko Noguchi is the only human known to have lived among the extraterrestrial hunters known as Predators—and she's had plenty of up-close-and-personal experience with another deadly, otherworldly life form, the xenomorph Aliens, hunting the beasts alongside her Predator hosts. Machiko thought those days were long past, but now a long-lost rival clan of warlike Predators has emerged, using specially bred Aliens as weapons, and both Predators and humans are threatened. Now, Machiko must again don her Predator armor and negotiate a possible alliance with the very same race that made trophies of humans for centuries. And when you "negotiate" with Predators, there will be blood!

Against her better judgment, Machiko Noguchi is back with the Predators, trying to forge a coalition between the clan that once accepted her and a strike force of Colonial Marines. But it's an uneasy alliance at best as neither side understands the motives or mores of the other. Every gesture is a challenge, every altercation an invitation to battle. But the real battle is yet to come-against a rogue clan of warlike Predators with an army of Aliens under their control. It is said that no plan survives contact with the enemy, but Machiko's plan can barely stand up to her allies!

This time it's war! The forces of the shaky alliance between the "hunter" Predators and Colonial Marines hits the beachhead established on the former colony world of Caparis VII by the enemy Predator clan and the Alien warriors under their control. No quarter is asked, and none is given as the Marines and the Hunters intend to destroy their foes, and the Aliens and their Predator masters are fighting for their lives. But as the attack unfolds, Machiko Noguchi suspects that the allies have made a fateful blunder-and no one in command will listen to her warning!

Whoever said "War is Hell" didn't know the half of it. The Colonial Marines and their Predator allies look to take the fight to the enemy Predators and the Alien horde they control—but the daunting numbers of the bug swarm may be more than human and hunter can overcome. Their last hope may lie in the synthetic hands of the android David Sereda, who discovers the enemy's bug hatchery and a secret that may stem the deadly Alien tide—if he can survive long enough to tell the tale!

Aliens vs. Predator Three World War Special Edition Cover

AVP: Three World War 1 limited edition variant cover by Chris Warner

With the enemy Predator clan and their murderous legion of Alien war slaves ready to close the book once and for all on the alliance of Human and Predator, the Colonial Marines and "Hunter" Predators mount a desperate offensive behind enemy lines to unleash the one surprise element that could even the odds and win the day. But humans should never make the mistake that "the enemy of my enemy" can be counted on as a true friend, and with each Hunter packing a fissile self-destruct, could this courageous assault really be nothing more than a nuclear suicide mission?

Full Synopsis (Warning: Spoilers)Edit

When a mysterious faction of Predators attack a mining operation on a human colony world, the Colonial Marines go to visit Machiko Noguchi, a former hunter herself, to try and enlist her help in fighting them. Though she refuses at first, she is shown a video which shows that the Predators were working with Xenomorphs. She identifies that these are a rogue demographic of Predators called "Killers," which are not part of the maintstream culture of the Hunters. Faced with the evidence, Machiko reluctantly agrees to help the Marines. With Machiko on point, the humans devise a deadly new plan: to enlist the help of her old hunting party to stop the Killers....

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