AVPRDC Mother Ship

The Predator Mother Ship passing by Saturn.

The Unrated Edition of Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem is an extended version of the 2007 film, released in 2008. It is an extension of the movie, adding extra scenes and additional violence to the original theatrical version, and also rearranges some sequences within the film. The Unrated Edition extends the film's run time by almost 8 minutes.


Here follows a complete rundown of the differences between the theatrical release of Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem and the extended Unrated Edition.

  • The beginning of the film has been altered fairly significantly. Most obviously, the Predator Scout Ship from the theatrical cut has been digitally replaced in the Unrated Edition, so that the vessel now matches the Mother Ship seen leaving Earth at the end of Alien vs. Predator.
  • In the theatrical version, the long zoom shot of Scar's body lying on the plinth that ends with the Chestburster erupting from his corpse is interrupted by several shots of the interior of the ship and other Predators going about their business. This footage has been removed in the Unrated Edition so that the zoom shot on Scar is a single uninterrupted take.
  • A shot of the small Predator ship flying towards Earth has been replaced with a shot of the Mother Ship flying past Saturn. The smaller Scout Ship (as seen in the theatrical version) now undocks from the Mother Ship and heads back towards Earth.
  • Additional footage is added of the Predalien shedding its skin. Following this, the shots of the interior of the Scout Ship that were removed from the Unrated Edition earlier are shown now.
  • When Wolf receives the distress signal from the Scout Ship, the Unrated Edition does not show the footage recorded by Bull of what happened on board. This helps to explain why Wolf travels to Earth alone and fairly lightly armed when there is a highly dangerous Predalien on the loose — he is unaware of this fact, and thinks it is merely a more routine incident.
  • The conversation between Sheriff Morales and Dallas in the Sheriff's car is slightly extended, revealing that Dallas has been in prison for three years for an unspecified crime.
  • After the Chestburster emerges from Sam's chest, a closeup of both has been added.
  • When the Predalien attacks the homeless woman in the sewers, the Unrated Edition shows alternate footage of the woman's legs thrashing as she (presumably) has Bellybursters implanted into her. In the theatrical version, we instead see the Predalien from behind as it attacks the woman.
  • Part of Wolf exploring the crashed Scout Ship uses alternate shots and is seen through his thermal vision in the Unrated Edition.

Wolf about to don Bull's Bio-Mask.

  • While aboard the crashed ship, Wolf takes off his Bio-Mask before removing Bull's mask and putting it on. Through this mask he sees the recording of what happened aboard the ship, and the footage of the Predalien killing the Predator crew that was removed from the Unrated Edition earlier is shown now. Afterwards, Wolf takes off Bull's mask.
  • Wolf is seen drawing the syringe he uses to take samples from the smashed Facehugger tube aboard the Scout Ship.
  • After putting Molly to bed, we see Kelly and her husband Tim talking on the sofa about whether it is right for her to serve overseas in the army when she has a young daughter to look after.
  • When Morales and his men are searching for Buddy and Sam Benson after dark, Morales is approached by Buddy's wife, Darcy, who voices her concerns for her missing husband and son. Morales tells her to go home and get some sleep, but she is joined by Nathan, Dale and several other civilians who all insist on helping with the search.
  • Dallas watches a news report on the disappearance of the Bensons while sat in the diner. Kelly and Tim are also seen eating nearby. After Dallas has spoken with Carrie, he and Kelly glance at each other. It is implied from the look in Kelly's eyes that she was previously the victim of some wrongdoing on Dallas' part, although whether this might be the reason Dallas was sent to prison is not revealed.
  • The scene where Jesse talks to Ricky in his pickup happens slightly later in the Unrated Edition, after Wolf has entered the sewers. In the theatrical version the scene with Wolf in the sewers starts afterwards and is uninterrupted as a result.
  • In the bar, Dallas asks Morales if he has told Darcy yet that they have found Buddy's corpse. Morales shakes his head.
  • The shot of a Xenomorph killing Nathan with a Headbite is out of focus and slightly blurry in the theatrical cut, but is clear and in focus in the Unrated Edition.
  • During the fight inside the power station, the theatrical version shows a closeup of Nathan's face as he lies dead on the floor. The Unrated Edition instead shows Wolf jumping over a guard rail by his feet at this point.
  • Later in the same scene, Karl, another of the workers at the power station, calls for Nathan over the radio. Getting no response, he walks upstairs and finds Nathan's body. He looks up and sees Wolf, who flashes his eyes at him, causing Karl to run away. Following this, the Unrated Edition shows a closeup of Nathan's face, seen earlier in the theatrical version.
  • When the Warrior kills Mark in the swimming pool, the creature Headbites him instead of simply pulling him under the water, and the water turns red with blood.
  • A short extension after Ricky and the others escape the swimming pool shows Morales and Dallas hearing about the incident at the power plant over the radio in Morales' patrol car.
  • Dallas and Morales find blood on the floor beside the pool when they begin searching the building.
AVPRDC Bellybursters

The Bellybursters.

  • The scene where Darcy finds Carrie's body is cut differently. Instead of seeing Darcy approaching the swing doors in the diner, the Unrated Edition instead shows a closeup of the dead Carrie's face as the Bellybursters erupt from her stomach (off-screen). As Darcy enters the kitchen, one of the Bellybursters scuttles past her, and she then sees Carrie's body, several more of the creatures moving around in her ruptured stomach. Darcy then flees back through the restaurant. This scene explains why Darcy is so hysterical when she talks to Morales later, because she actually sees the creatures responsible for Carrie's gory death.
  • A fairly long new scene is intercut with Wolf healing his wounds in the tree, seen in the theatrical version. The added sequence shows Kelly and Molly fleeing into a graveyard, where they run into Karl from the earlier power plant scene, who is now armed with a revolver. He nervously asks if they have seen the creatures that are stalking the town. After cutting to Wolf sealing his wound, the sequence returns to the graveyard, where Karl, Kelly and Molly react to Wolf's roar of pain. Molly keeps tearfully asking her mother why she ran away and left Tim at the house, and Karl becomes increasingly angry that the young girl's constant wimpering will give away their position. He starts to threaten her, and Wolf overhears; seeing that Karl is armed, the Predator blows his head off with his Plasmacaster. Kelly moves to pick up the dead man's revolver, but she sees Wolf's laser pointer hovering on the gun. She leaves it and flees with Molly, and Wolf watches them go. During this added sequence, a gravestone marked "Hawkins" is seen, a reference to the character Rick Hawkins in Predator.
  • A shot of blood splattering on a car window as a National Guardsman is killed has been replaced with a soldier getting a Headbite, the Xenomorph's inner jaw punching clean through the man's head and breaking the window behind him. A little later, the removed shot of blood splattering is used when another soldier is killed.
  • Inside the gun store, a quick added shot shows Dallas telling Earl and Scotty to arm themselves.
  • In the hospital, the shot of the Predalien killing Helen is fractionally extended to show the creature snapping her neck. When the camera switches to behind the Predalien, it also Headbites her.
  • When the main characters are moving through the hospital's morgue, the scene is slightly extended, with more footage of them looking around.
  • When Jesse is pinned to the wall by Wolf's Shuriken, the Unrated Edition shows how the acid blood coating the weapon after it just sliced through a Xenomorph causes her torso to melt in half, her legs and intestines falling to the floor.
  • After the survivors escape through the hole in the fence on the hospital rooftop, there is added footage of the group running to the helicopter through a maze of air conditioning units. Kelly shoots at the Xenomorphs that come for them with her M4A1, and Dallas also fires at the creatures with the Plasma Pistol.


  • Copies of the Unrated Edition DVD sold at Best Buy outlets in the United States also included the exclusive comic Aliens vs. Predator: Deadspace, which to date has never been made available anywhere else.
  • A fault with seamless branching meant that initial copies of the Unrated Edition on Blu-ray were actually missing two changes — namely the alternate footage used when the Predalien attacks the homeless woman in the sewers, and when Jesse's body melts in half in the hospital. In both instances, the Blu-ray actually showed the theatrical footage at these points. While the issue was not acknowledged by 20th Century Fox, it was quietly corrected and subsequent copies of the Blu-ray show the full Unrated Edition.