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Hunter's Planet
Aliens vs. Predator: Hunter's Planet
Author(s) David Bischoff
Publisher Bantam Spectra
Release date(s) December, 1994
Media type Paperback
Pages 272
Cover by John Bolton
ISBN 0-553-56556-7
Series Aliens vs. Predator book trilogy
Preceded by Aliens vs. Predator: Prey
Followed by Aliens vs. Predator: War
Alternate cover
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Aliens vs. Predator: Hunter's Planet is a 1997 novel written by David Bischoff and published by Bantam Spectra.

Publisher's SummaryEdit


The best time of Machiko Noguchi's life came in the wake of the fight for the ranching colony on Ryushi. It was then that she ran with the Predators as a hunter among Hunters... Now she works a dead-end job with Chigusa Corporation: she's a misfit, and considered a loose canon. Restless, unhappy, she's ready to hop when the rich Livermore Evanston offers her a job.

On the amusement world Hunter's Planet, populated by genetically engineered creatures of all kinds, it seems that Predators have begun to seed Aliens — bad, real bad, for business... Machiko has unique experience of both species. What she does not know is that the planet is a cover for military development of the worst kind. Added to this is the complication of confronting Predators she once knew, and counted as friends.

Confrontation after confrontation is what's in store for Machiko until, forced into ever-narrower options, the only way for her to win, it seems, is to take control of the most deadly planet in known space...


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