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Aliens vs. Predator Duel 1

Cover to Aliens vs. Predator: Duel 1 by Chris Warner

Aliens vs Predator: Duel was a two-issue limited comic book series published by Dark Horse Comics from May to April 1995. The story was written by Randy Stradley, drawn by Javier Saltares and inked by Jimmy Palmiotti. It was colored by James Sinclair and edited by Edward Martin III and Ryder Windham.


Aliens vs. Predator Duel 2

Cover to Aliens vs. Predator: Duel 2 by Chris Warner

Duel was first collected alongside other AVP stories in the trade paperback edition of Aliens/Predator: War in May 1996. It was also collected in Aliens vs. Predator Omnibus: Volume 1 in June 2007. The story was a sequel to the original Aliens vs. Predator comics miniseries and the short story Aliens vs. Predator: Blood Time. It follows a squad of Colonial Marines that come to the planet Ryushi to investigate a distress signal. It was most notably the first official appearance of a Predalien. In the AVP comics line, Duel was published concurrently with Aliens/Predator: Deadliest of the Species (July 1993-August 1995) and was followed by Aliens vs. Predator: War (May 1995-August 1995).


Official description of individual issues: The violent clash of Alien against Predator left the planet Ryushi a desolate wasteland. But now, years later, a mysterious alien beacon beams a distress signal from the supposedly abandoned world. When Marine ship Brilliant responds to the call for aid, they step neck deep into disaster!

It's hard enough going toe-to-toe with the meanest Aliens in the galaxy, even if you are the toughest Marine hombres around. But throw in a batch of fresh Predators, and the only solution to this dilemma will have you wiping blood from your goggles for the next week!

Full SynopsisEdit

The story starts as two soldiers are fleeing from some unseen threat. One of the soldiers listen something and fires the last rounds on his Pulse Rifle and soon is killed by a Xenomorph. The remaining soldier, Captain Glass finds himself between the alien and a yautja warrior.

The story then flasbacks to the ship Brilliant above Ryushi, where captain Glass is informed that they have received a non human distress call. Glass gives a little briefing to his platoon about the non human origin of the distress call. The crew are already aware of the xenomorphs existence and the Hadley's Hope incident. They also know that Machiko Noguchi is living on the planet and the ship landed near the Sheldon's ranch, where Machiko now suposedly lives, they find the ranch empty, so they take the ATV to the distress call's origin. Expecting to find an engineer ship, they are surprised to find a very diferent class of ship. As Glass and his men inspect the ship, some yautja observes up from the canyon.

Reed, One of the soldiers, gets scared by a Briar Wolf inside the ship. Soon they find a yautja skeleton and other unconscious. Carlston, another soldier, finds a still chained and apparently dead Queen, but Carlson is killed by a Xenomorph, and more show up. The Marines evacuate, but outside the ship they are ambushed by Xenomorphs burrowed in the ground, one of which kills Bowen. The Marines fight off the Xenomorphs and the Yautja that was observing them jumps down from his cliff and seemingly saves the Marine. Once the xenomorphs were killed, private Cogletti attempts comunication with a one-handed predator but it kills her.

They flee on the ATV killing a yautja in the process. They returned to Machikos's place and call Murphy on the Brilliant for a quick extraction, in that moment, a chestburster erupts from the unconscious predator, Glass order fire but they miss. The predators attack the marines and they make a stand as the Brilliant lands. Glass atempts to warn Murphy but a yautja destroys the ship with a plasma bazooka, so Glass and his surviving soldiers flee again, this time to Prosperity Wells, unaware that the chestburster is under the vehicle.

Glass and his men stablishes a defense perimeter on the ruins of the town, placing mines all on the exposed side. The xenomorph, now revealed to be a Predalien attacks from behind killing Reed, they fire and the predalien escapes. The yautja attacks and Glass detonate the perimeter mines killing two of the reamining yautja, leaving only Light-Stepper alive. Glass and his remaining soldier escapes leading to the scene at the begining.

Glass is trapped between Light-Stepper and the Predalien, but both ignored him, fighting each other, and when the predalien takes the upper hand, Glass hit him with his pulse rifle, giving Light-Stepper time to finish the job. Glass and Light-Stepper look at each other and sit, to tired to fight, and both awaiting for rescue from they respective people. Glass wonders whose will show first.


  • When they arrive at Sheldon's ranch. There's no sign from Jame Roth's dalmatian dog, Creep, owned by Machiko prior to her departure with the clan. As the dog is not present on the Yautja ship, its fate is unclear.
  • The fate of captain Glass is also left in suspense, because Light-Stepper appears on Aliens vs Predator: War, it is asumed that his people (yautja) showed first, and that captain Glass was killed because Light-Stepped wore his bandanna as bandage. Its also possible for Glass is alive and living on Ryushi, and the bandanna being a gift from Glass to Light-Stepper, as they gained some respect for each other and maybe Light-Stepper give him something in return, as usual.

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