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Cover to Aliens magazine, Vol. 2 #8 by Kilian Plunkett.

Aliens, sometimes referred to as Aliens, Vol. 1 and Aliens, Vol. 2, was a two-volume, 50-page, large "oversized" (12 x 8) format comics magazine published in the UK, first by by Trident Comics (Vol. 1, #1-16) and later Dark Horse International (Vol. 1, #17 and Vol. 2, #1-22) between 1991-1994.


Volume 1Edit

Volume 1 of the series consisted entirely of reprinted material already released elsewhere and ran for 17 issues. Its content was mostly taken up by reprints of the comic books Aliens: Book One, Aliens: Book Two, Aliens: Earth War, Aliens: Genocide and Aliens vs. Predator, plus its prequel short story. The first 16 issues were published (mostly without permission) by Trident Comics, but when Dark Horse Comics started their UK-based Dark Horse International branch, they took over the license with #17. Following issue 17, Dark Horse restarted the series as Volume 2. Trident Comics allegedly went out of business in 1994. As a result of the change in publisher at the end of Volume 1's run, the magazine's reprint of Aliens: Book One ended before it was complete.[1]

Volume 2Edit

Volume 2 of the series featured serialized reprints of Dark Horse's existing AliensPredator and Aliens vs. Predator comics material from America, as well as brand new, exclusive material, including new Aliens comics, behind the scenes articles on the creation of the Aliens and Predator films, the popular "Bug Hunt" letter column (overseen by Diana Schutz), artist's sketchbooks, in-universe technical schematics and more. Other original content produced for Aliens magazine Volume 2 included the comic Aliens: Sacrifice, the first and only full, two-part compiling of the story Aliens: Countdown (which had previously only been run in segments in the promotional Dark Horse Insider), and the comics Aliens: Crusade and Aliens: Matrix, both of which were affected by the magazine's cancellation.

Liliana Bolton (wife of longtime Aliens cover artist John Bolton) ran Dark Horse's UK publishing operation (which also produced a similarly oversized Star Wars reprint magazine and other releases). Aliens magazine was edited by Michael W. Bennent and, starting with Volume 2, Dick Hansom. Each issue of Aliens magazine typically contained three to five separate episodes from titles such as Aliens: Hive and Predator: Race War. While some issues re-used cover art from existing Aliens comic books, many featured brand new cover artwork created especially for the magazine. Contributors included leading British comics painters such as Chris Halls, John Bolton, Paul Johnson, Dave Dorman, Kilian Plunkett and others.

Reviews, articles and background material for Volume 2 of the magazine were provided and compiled by Dave Hughes and writer/artist Lee Brimmicombe-Wood. Hughes typically wrote articles and compiled the "Motion Tracker" news section, while Brimmicombe-Wood provided the "Technical Readouts" section on various Aliens film weapons and technology. There were plans to expand the Technical Readouts into a 6-issue American comic book published by Dark Horse, but the project fell through with the end of the magazine. The Readouts were, however, later expanded upon and compiled as the book Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual (although this mostly dealt with just the material based on the second film), written by Brimmicombe-Wood and edited by Hughes.

Volume 2 ran for 22 of a planned 24 issues, with the last two issues remaining unpublished due to Dark Horse International going out of business. This left the magazine's original serialized story Aliens: Crusade unfinished, and its planned graphic novella Aliens: Matrix unreleased. Also left incomplete by the cancellation were the magazine's reprints of Aliens: Colonial Marines, Aliens: Alien and Aliens: Rogue.[1]

Alien3 Movie SpecialEdit

In 1992, Dark Horse International also released a three-issue Alien3 Movie Special magazine, to coincide with the release of Alien3. This sister publication featured a serialized reprinting of the comic book adaptation of the third movie, reusing its painted covers by Arthur Suydam, together with articles about the film, including an Alien3 Technical Readout section.[1] A reprint of the comic Aliens vs. Predator II was split across Alien3 Movie Special and the main Aliens magazine.[2]


Volume 1Edit

Issues 1-16 published by Trident Comics. Issue 17 published by Dark Horse International.

Issue 1 (Feb 1991)
Issue 2 (March 1991)
Issue 3 (April 1991)
Issue 4 (May 1991)
Issue 5 (June 1991)
Issue 6 (July 1991)
Issue 7 (Aug 1991)
Issue 8 (Sept 1991)
Issue 9 (Oct 1991)
Issue 10 (Nov 1991)
Issue 11 (Dec 1991)
Issue 12 (Jan 1992)
Issue 13 (Feb 1992)
Issue 14 (March 1992)
Issue 15 (April 1992)
Issue 16 (May 1992)
Issue 17 (June 1992)

Volume 2Edit

Note: Information on Volume 2 is not complete. Below, information on issue 1 has been sourced from a copy of the actual issue, while information on issue 2 has been sourced from For the remaining issues, contents has been taken from the magazine cover images only and is therefore incomplete. It is assumed — though unverified — that standard sections such as The Motion Tracker, Technical Readout and Bug Hunt letter column (the latter of which began in issue 2) appeared in every issue.

Issue 1 (July 1992)
  • Aliens: Hive (part 1)
  • Predator: Cold War (part 1)
  • Martha Washington by Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons (a then-unreleased sequel to their Dark Horse miniseries Give Me Liberty, not an Aliens/Predator/Aliens vs. Predator title)
  • Additional features:
    • The Motion Tracker —
      • "Weaver Magic Spell", about a recent Sigourney Weaver photoshoot for Premier magazine.
      • "Trailer for Sale or Rent", about the pulled original Alien3 trailer featuring the slogan "On Earth, everyone can hear you scream".
      • "Scotland the Brave", about the official Alien War horror funhouse ride set up in The Arches in Glasgow to coincide with the Aliens Special Edition video release.
      • "Cameron Terminates Contract", about James Cameron switching studios.
    • Technical Readout —
    • Article: "Unnatural Selection: The Evolution of Alien3", a chart showing the development of the third film.
    • Article: "Loving the Alien" by Dave Hughes, about the unofficial British Aliens Fan Club
    • Article: "The Bit About the Horse", a background summary about Dark Horse comics
    • Dark Horse Comics Checklist for July 1992
  • Cover art: Re-uses cover from Aliens: Newt's Tale issue 1 by John Bolton
Issue 2 (Aug 1992)
Issue 3 (Sept 1992)
Issue 4 (Oct 1992)
  • Aliens: Hive (part 4)
  • Aliens: Newt's Tale (part 3)
  • Predator: Cold War (part 4)
  • Aliens vs. Predator 2 (part 4)
  • Additional features:
    • Article: "Exclusive News on Aliens vs. Predator The Movie!"
    • Article: "Exclusive Inside Info on the Uncut versions of Alien, Blade Runner, and The Abyss"
  • Cover art: Re-uses cover from Aliens: Newt's Tale issue 2 by John Bolton
Issue 5 (Nov 1992)
Issue 6 (Dec 1992)
Issue 7 (Jan 1993)
  • Aliens: Hive (part 7)
  • Aliens: Newt's Tale (part 6)
  • Predator: Cold War (part 7)
  • Aliens vs. Predator 2 (part 8)
  • Additional features:
    • The Motion Tracker — Aliens 1, Predator 1. Terminator 2, Readers 10. Alien 3, Jennifer 8. BBC 2, Ridley Scott 1.
    • Article: "Alien3 Computer Game Reviewed"
    • Article: "Alien3: Game Over, Man, Game Over!!"
    • Contest: "Win Terminator 2 Videos"
  • Cover art: New cover by Chris Halls entitled "Slay Ride in the Snow"
Issue 8 (Feb 1993)
Issue 9 (Mar 1993)
Issue 10 (Apr 1993)
Issue 11 (May 1993)
Issue 12 (June 1993)
Issue 13 (July 1993)
Issue 14 (Aug 1993)
Issue 15 (Sept 1993)
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines (part 7)
  • Aliens: Tribes (part 6)
  • Aliens: Crusade (part 3)
  • Aliens: Backsplash (part 1)
  • Additional features:
    • Contest: "Win Aliens: Hive graphic novel"
    • The Motion Tracker —
      • "Pretty Special Editions"
      • "Alien War, The First Wave"
    • Article: "Martial Chic: A Sneak Peek at the very latest in marine coiture as designed by Tony Akins".
    • Article: "Q & Alien: David Huges and Lee Brimmicombe-Wood answer your Questions about the Alien Trilogy".
  • Cover Art: New Aliens: Backsplash cover by Kilian Plunkett
Issue 16 (Oct 1993)
Issue 17 (Nov 1993)
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines (part 9)
  • Aliens: Crusade (part 5)
  • Aliens: Cargo (part 1)
  • Aliens: Taste
  • Additional features:
    • The Motion Tracker —
      • Aliens news
      • "Ridley Scott and 'The Different Engine'"
      • "Gale Anne Hurd and 'The Penal Colony'"
      • Time Cop
      • "Last Word: Tip Tipping's death"
    • Technical Readout — Dropship Markings
    • Article: "Under the Knife II: Cyanide Kiss", Jim Campbell summarises recent studies of the Alien Facehugger.
    • Contest: "Win Aliens Special Boxed Set"
    • Free Aliens postcard
  • Cover Art: New cover by unknown artist
Issue 18 (Dec 1993)
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines (part 10)
  • Aliens: Crusade (part 6)
  • Aliens: Cargo (part 2, conclusion)
  • Aliens: Renegade (part 1)
  • Additional features:
    • The Motion Tracker —
      • Aliens World Exclusive: Aliens Collector's Box
      • "Long Term: Special editions and movies"
      • "Returning Holm"
      • "Last Word: Alien figures"
    • Technical Readout —
      • Space Control - Theory and Practice
      • Starship Tactics
    • Article: "Extra Terrestrial: Terry Jones looks at ALIEN's deleted scenes and photos".
    • Contest: "Chance to win 'the ultimate Aliens set'"
  • Cover Art: Original painted "gothic" cover by Chris Halls for Aliens: Crusade
Issue 19 (Jan 1994)
Issue 20 (Feb 1994)
Issue 21 (Mar 1994)
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines (part 13)
  • Aliens: Crusade (part 9, incomplete)
  • Aliens: Salvation (part 3, conclusion)
  • Aliens: Alien (part 1)
  • Additional features:
    • Technical Readout — Command Control
    • Article: "Mapping the Psyche: Novelist and fantastique film-maker Clive Barker shows no fear as he enters the strange world of H.R. Giger"
  • Cover Art: New Aliens: Colonial Marines cover by ILYA
Issue 22 (Apr 1994) — Last issue published
Issue 23 (May 1994) — Solicited but never published

Alien3 Movie SpecialEdit

Issue 1 (Aug 1992)
  • Alien3 (part 1)
  • Aliens vs. Predator 2 (part 1)
  • Additional features:
    • Article: "Exclusive Inside info and interviews on the making of Alien3"
    • Contest: "Win free seats to preview of Alien3, copies of Aliens novel Tribes, Alien3 plastic model kits"
  • Free Alien3 poster
  • Cover art: Re-uses cover from Alien3 issue 1 by Arthur Suydam
Issue 2 (Aug 1992)
  • Alien3 (part 2)
  • Aliens vs. Predator 2 (part 3)
  • Additional features:
    • Article: "Sigourney Weaver: Major exclusive interview with the star of the Aliens movies"
    • Contest: "Win Abyss videos"
  • Free Alien3 poster
  • Cover art: Re-uses cover from Alien3 issue 2 by Arthur Suydam
Issue 3 (Sept 1992)
  • Alien3 (part 3)
  • Aliens vs. Predator 2 (part 5)
  • Additional features:
    • Article: "Art of Alien3"
    • Contest: "Win Alien3 leather jacket"
  • Free Alien3 poster
  • Cover art: Re-uses cover from Alien3 issue 3 by Arthur Suydam

See AlsoEdit


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